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Comprehending the 21st Century

These days, there are more than a few of us who, at least occasionally, are aware of some vague, slightly spooky sensations hovering at the back of our minds. Sensations that, when we stop to look or listen, seem to be telling us that we know something important but that, try as we might, we can't put into words exactly what these sensations are telling us. Nor can we tell what it is about these sensations that worries or scares us

This is an experience I've recently become familiar with. Last November (2017), I started writing about my spooky, back-of-mind sensations, in the hope that I could better understand what these apparitions were trying to tell me. My key question was; 

How can I sharpen my awareness and appreciation of the 'back-of-mind'  sensations that are dangling just off the edges of my conscious awareness?

The blogs I've written so far about these sensations do four things: They, 

  • Propose that these vague, back-of-the-mind feelings are my unconscious minds’ way of showing me things I'm worried about but not yet really conscious of.  
  • Encourage me to pay more conscious attention to the unprecedented events, situations and circumstances going on the world today that occasionally are "show up" just off the edges of my conscious mind,
  • Suggest that if I did pay some explicit attention to these spooky, vague sensations at the back of my mind, I probably would start seeing some distant real-world worries that my unconscious mind is asking me to pay more explicit attention to. And they,
  • Suggest that I, in my day-to-day life, will be better served just because I've brought these apparitions to the forefront of my thinking.

The dialogue session TLO's organizing for late September is not going to assume that what I've written about all this is unquestionable. Rather, we're going to assume that what's been written is one of many useful starting points for exploring three simple questions, one's that could (and should?) orient and focus our design efforts: 

  1. What's your personal experience with the threats and challenges that just now are sweeping the world? 
  2. What have you been doing to understand and cope with these phenomena?  
  3. Is what you're doing working for you?

These questions will help those of us who design and participate in this Dialogue Session deepen our appreciation of the complex new threats and challenges that the 21st Century is bringing to us. Which will give us the opportunity to look at how each of us, as individuals, is interpreting the world around us. Perhaps it will also give us the opportunity to create for ourselves some new opportunities for personal and professional development.