In light of the complex changes that are taking place in the United States, as well as those that are emerging all over the world, it seems clear that this country’s 2020 Presidential Election is going to be unprecedented, especially in terms of the ongoing influence it will exert over this country’s future. Accordingly, this election, unlike most of our previous presidential elections, is one that deserves special attention and preparation. Providing at least on pathway to this preparation is the reason why TLO is convening its 2020 Presidential Election Dialogue Series.

The series’ Key Purposes

Basically, the fundament purpose of this presidential election dialogue series is to better understand the complexities shaping this country’s domestic issues and problems; for example, challenges like immigration, the opioid crisis, racial conflict, and income inequality. Beyond this, we surely will need to explore at least some national and worldwide trends, as well the various social and political movements emerging around the world that currently are shaping our emerging presidential election processes. 

In more detail, the purpose of TLO’s 2020 Presidential Election Dialogue Sessions, at a minimum, is to help each participant:

  1. Develop their own criteria for selecting one candidate to vote for over another.

  2. Develop a fuller understanding of each potential candidates’ strengths and weakness, their ideological biases, their actual accomplishments and contributions, and their overall electability.

  3. Understand the threats, challenges, and opportunities that are active in the United States and in the world today that should be understood as issues that are of importance in and to the 2020 elections.  

  4. Explore controversial election issues like the dynamics currently driving political polarization in this country, the forces encouraging a renewal of white supremacy in this country, and the impacts that day-to-day crises like immigration, opioid addiction, the ‘Me Too Movement,’ and rising levels income inequality are having on our constitutional norms.

Specific Issues To Investigate

There are some issues that already seem to be of significance in this presidential election:

  • The declared candidates’ qualifications, ideological biases, chosen election issues, and stance toward the pollical polarization alive in today’s political processes.

  • Issues and ideas that attract influential political constituencies, like

    • The ‘Me Too’ Movement

    • The Black Lives Matter Movement

    • The White Supremacy Movement

    • The Anti-Globalization & America First Movement

    • The Christian Right Movement

  • Immigration dynamics, both in the United States and around the world

  • The question of whether the nature and logic of democracy in this country is being challenged

  • Ongoing Political, Economic, and Ideological Struggles in this country

  • Globalization versus America First

Scheduling Basics

Between now and November, 2020, TLO is convening a series of quarterly Presidential Election Dialogue Sessions. This series will involve occasional dialogues and exchanges between now and the end of this year. And then, in 2020, we will convene a series of virtual meetings in January, March, June and September of 2020, with a final face-to-face dialogue session at the end of October 2020. Each of these dialogues will be focused on getting those individuals who are participating fully prepared to cast wise and reasoned votes in all of the various elections they’ll be involved in during November 2020. Together, TLO’s quarterly Presidential Election Dialogues will look at any subject or issue that will help participants get prepared to cast wise and reasoned votes in all the local, statewide, and national elections they’ll participate in during November 2020.