A trusted advisor and thought partner

the work i do is about long-lasting transformation

At TLO there's just me. I want the time and energy I need to be with you as the safe companion you want when you're awake at 2am looking for a real conversation. To be with you as your thought partner when you're stepping out into a new transformative learning journey that inspires and challenges you, but scares you just that little bit too. To be available to support you in the pursuit of your personal and professional dreams, especially in the ways that will encourage you when you're looking for stepping stones that let you take charge of your own transformation.

Whatever brings us together, I'll be available. Whether you're looking to improve your existing skills. confront a perplexing challenge, or launch your own unique learning journey in response to what this new century's asking of you, my promise is that I will be with you in all the ways that offer you my best experience, talents, and wisdom.