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As a TLO Thought Partner, I work with individuals, coaches, consultants, and executives. I also work with CEO's, their leadership teams, and internal organization change agents, helping them understand and apply the leverage that experiential learning, transformational learning, and learning partnerships bring to their organizational transformational efforts. 

 I work from my home office in Irvine, California. I, of course, also work in my clients' homes and offices, wherever you're most comfortable. The decision about where we work is mutual, agreed to on the basis of what’s most equitable. I also do a fair amount of virtual Thought Partnering.

As a TLO Thought Partner, I provide a variety of services; five that are a distinct part of most of my engagements:

Introductory Conversations - Thought Leadership - Thought Partnering - Client Writing - Client Research

tlo services & Fees

Informal Conversation: I like to begin every potential Thought Partnership with at least one informal conversation, which is always free. Some informal conversations last a few minutes; others can take as long as an hour or more. Regardless of length, all our informal conversations are free.

Introductory Conversations: If, at some point, we decide we'd like to explore thought partnering possibilities, we move forward into one or more Introductory Conversations. These conversations are designed to more fully introduce ourselves to one another, and to open between us the issue of trust as a fundamental aspect of every effective Thought Partnership. These conversations are also designed to make sure that you understand three things about thought partnering: First, that we’d be launching a mutual learning-oriented journey; second, that our journey, if all goes well, is probably going to involve three distinct phases (i.e., Introductory Conversations, Educational Workshops, and Learning Experiments); and third, that each step of this journey will consist of work we’ll design together. My fee for these Introductory Conversations is $300 per hour.

Thought Partnering: Practically speaking, I start working with you as your Thought Partner whenever you say you're ready to begin exploring a situation you suspect you're not handling as well as you'd like. Or, when you say you're willing to explore the possibility that the problems looming just over your personal or professional horizon might be too complex to understand. Or that there are opportunities in front of you that you want to seize but are not quite sure how to go about it. My fee for this kind of immediate Thought Partnering is $350 per hour. If we formalize this work, and you choose to advance into a personalized EDUCATE & TRANSFORM Workshop, I usually suggest we negotiate a formal Thought Partnership contract that respects and acknowledges the mutual advantages associated with the on-going nature of our joint work. 

Thought Partnerships: For each of you who are ready to invest serious time and energy into addressing the challenges and opportunities that the 21st Century is bringing into their lives, I offer formal Thought Partnerships. In a TLO Thought Partnership, the work we do is all about unique, personalized, long-lasting transformations. You and I work side by side over the course of 6 to 12 months to discover old, outdated family-of-origin mindsets and belief systems, energize your truest intentions, and position you with these new perspectives and resources in ways that allow you to respond effectively to all the unscripted challenges and opportunities that come your way. To create a formal Thought Partnership, we need to jointly negotiate a contract that respects and acknowledges the advantages of the on-going nature of our work together. My fee for a long-term Thought Partnership is determined by the work we're looking to do together, and by the length of time we believe it will take us to complete it. 

Thought Leadership: For me, Thought Leadership is the preparatory work I do in advance of any of our joint EDUCATE and/or TRANSFORM sessions. My fee for this Thought Leadership work is $250 per hour. If you become a long-term partner -- i.e., by advancing with one of us into a TLO Workshop and/or a series of Learning Experiments -- then I usually suggest we negotiate a new contract that respects and acknowledges the advantages of the on-going nature of our joint work.

Client Writing: I may occasionally suggest the idea that I write a thought paper for you about a tough issue that we’ve been struggling with. The idea behind this suggestion is that having something concrete in hand will give us a tool that will help us move our work forward in ways that just talking together either hasn’t, or probably won’t, accomplish. I usually propose this idea when both of us seem to be plateaued. My fee for this kind of writing is $200 per hour.

Client Research: Similarly, we often suggest to you, as our Thought Partner, the idea that we do some background research for us regarding an issue we’ve been working on. Most often, we make this suggestion when either either of us knows about one or more experts somewhere who’ve done research that appears to be relevant to our explorations. I always synthesize my research results in writing. Our fee for this kind of work is $150 per hour.

Long-Term Contracts: if you become a long-term partner and advance with me into a TLO EUCATE workshop or TLO TRANSFORM sessions I usually suggest we negotiate a new contract that respects and acknowledges the advantages associated with the on-going nature of our joint work.



All our Thought Partnering conversations are usually scheduled at least a few days in advance -- generally at the conclusion of a meeting. These conversations can be as brief as a few minutes, or as long as a couple of hours.

Our Preparatory Workshops and Learning-Experiment Sessions are usually scheduled two weeks or more in advance. 

It’s my experience that Thought Partnering discussions, especially when they're concerned with complex dynamics, need a regular cadence. Consequently, I like to converse with you at a frequency that's right for you and also respects the urgency and the demands of the issues we’re working on. At a minimum, I expect to connect with you for at least one meeting per month.

If we meet via phone or video, I prefer Skype or Go To Meeting. Google Hangouts also possible. For me, video isn't necessarily preferable to phone; they're simply different media with different pros and cons. I prefer we evaluate the media  preferences we bring to the table and together agree on the communications channels we decide to use.