David Nicoll

Early on, I was a diplomat with the United Nations. I was UNICEF’s Assistant Area Representative in the Middle East. Then, suddenly, I was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving an 18-month tour of duty in Vietnam. For the last three decades, I've alternately flourished and struggled as an organizational coach and consultant, internally with Kaiser Permanente in Southern California and then externally with companies in the Automotive, Healthcare, Aerospace, Communications, and Computer Industries. Across all these years, I was fortunate to coach thousands of front line employees, supervisors, executives, and union leaders, and challenged by consulting assignments in more than three dozen corporations. In 2012, I took time off to assess and evaluate. Eventually, I recognized that I'd be happier working as a coach and thought partner than I'd ever been as an organizational consultant, and probably more effective too. 

Today, I'm a full-time TLO Coach and Thought Partner

Three decades of coaching and consulting with thousands of senior leaders, middle managers, and private individuals has shown me two things: First, that for most individuals transformational learning is both necessary and possible. Second, that I'm at my best as a coach and thought partner when I’m working with individuals who are willing to consider the idea that their personal and professional development is best encouraged through learning processes that are specifically designed to support their growth and development.

To this end, today I work with individuals. They can be a private client looking to resolve old issues or open new pathways for themselves. Or they can be a coach, consultant, or senior executive who have come to me knowing they need to reevaluate the ways in which they're currently seeing the world, especially the complexities they're facing and the roles this complexity is asking them to play. Often these individuals sense the opportunities embedded in the challenges they’re facing, but haven’t yet figured out which pathway forward is best for them. Or they're wondering whether the challenges waiting for them just over the horizon are going to be too complex to cope with. As your coach and thought partner, my job is showing you how to examine your beliefs, especially those that before now you weren't able to discern, let alone question or change. Always, my job is to applaud the courage you show in the face of inevitable obstacles, and encourage your determination to move forward.

I'm also an Organizational Transformation Coach 

When asked, I also work with individual executives and change leaders as their organization transformation coach. In these situations, I combine my experience as an organizational change agent with my expertise in experiential and transformational learning to help my executive clients reexamine what they think they know about system-wide transformations. Here’s a link to my Organizational Transformation Resource Center, where you will find a variety of resources that will help you better understand what organizational transformations are, what they requires from you, and what I, as your thought partner and coach, can do for you.  

One Last Point

Coaching partnerships that produce personal, professional, and organizational transformations are my specialty. Creating effective coaching partnerships requires relevant knowledge and years of experience. Here are five thought papers about the kinds of learning partnerships I create. Together these papers will provide you with an expansive description of what I know about personal and professional transformations, and a useful outline of the key factors that you should consider when choosing a trustworthy coach/thought partner for your own transformational efforts. You can find relevant services, fees, contracting, and scheduling information here to help you decide whether forming a TLO Thought Partnership with me is a step you're ready to consider. The navigation button just below will let you schedule a free introductory conversation.