As a developmental coach and thought partner, I work with individuals. With each person, I focus on three issues: First, on helping them discover whether they need to improve their existing skills or develop new ones. Second, on helping them discover when, where, and how their habitual modes of thinking, feeling and acting need to be reframed. And third, on helping them apply the leverage that experiential learning, transformational learning, and learning partnerships bring to their personal and professional growth. With each person, the basic objective is to reframe the habitual modes of thinking and acting that inhibit your growth, and simultaneously to expand and strengthen those modes of thinking and acting that support your development.  

Developmental Coaching — Services & fees

Without question, my developmental coaching services are designed for individuals who recognize they need to invest serious time and energy in learning how to live in a newly unscripted world. Specifically, it’s for those who are ready to set aside their moments of doubt and any impulses towards a retreat into willful ignorance in order to directly address the important challenges and opportunities they’re facing, especially those challenges that might be hanging just off the edges of their consciousness. To pursue these kinds of transformations, I offer three different developmental opportunities; Developmental Dialogue Sessions, Developmental Launch Programs, and full-fledged Developmental Coaching Programs.

Developmental Dialogue Sessions:- The task here is simple; we work together to map the breadth and depth of your developmental challenges and opportunities. In this context, we work together to produce a Personal Growth Map that describes for you the learning opportunities that are essential for your personal and professional development. When we schedule this work one hour at a time, my fee for a Developmental Dialogue Session is $350.00 per hour. If we schedule three Dialogue Sessions over a period of several weeks, my fee is $750.00. For a series of six Dialogue Sessions spread out over three months, my fee is $1500.00

Developmental Launch Programs:- The task here is three-fold: (1) Fully map your developmental challenges and opportunities; (2) Define the particular learning skills you’ll need to complete your transformational effort; and; (3) Launch the learning effort that you’ve designed for yourself. In a Developmental Launch Program, we work together in a series of conversations to map the breadth and depth of your developmental challenges and opportunities. We use the results of these discussions to do three things: (1) Produce a Personal Growth Map, (2) Design a personalized developmental learning program designed to help you create results that are essential for your personal and professional development; and (3) Design the learning journey that you’ll need to complete in order to create the personal and professional results you’ve defined for yourself. My fee for a series of three Developmental Launch conversations spread out over a period of several weeks is $750.00. My fee for a series six Developmental Launch conversations spread out over a period of two to three months is $1500.00.

Developmental Coaching Programs:- This is a full-fledged developmental coaching effort. The fundamental purpose of each person’s Developmental Coaching Program is to guide and support them while they actually develop the new mindsets, modes of thinking and feeling, and the associated skillsets that they need to accomplish their developmental goals. It includes all the work just described, In particular, it also incorporates a number of jointly designed self-directed learning experiments that, in the real world, shows you what you need to do to realize your the particular growth and development priorities. With this in mind, we work side by side in 6 month increments to discover your old outdated family-of-origin belief systems, your instinctive threat responses, and your embedded biases and stereotypes. Most importantly, in these Developmental Coaching Programs, we support you while you discover and realize a new worldview, as well as the new perspectives, resources, and skills associated with it. To create a Developmental Coaching program, we need to jointly negotiate a contract that respects and acknowledges the mutual advantages that come with an on-going developmental partnership. My fee for any long-term developmental partnership is determined by us and depends, from my perspective, on the intensity of the work we want to do together and the length of time we believe it will take us to complete it. If we decide to develop this kind of developmental partnership, I usually suggest we develop a clear agreement that defines the issues we’re working on together, our goals, the ways in which we’re going to work together, and the time frames we’re anticipating.

contracting & SCHEDULING


I work from my home office in Irvine, California. Of course, I also work in your home or office, wherever you're most comfortable. The decision about where and when we work is mutual, an informal agreement we develop on the basis of what we both believe is necessary and most equitable. In person coaching is possible. As is virtual thought partnering. Once we agree of the scope of our work together, our developmental sessions are usually scheduled at least a few days in advance. Our conversations can be as brief as a few minutes, or as long as a couple of hours. The Developmental Launch Program and Coaching Program work can be as short or as long as we need. These are usually scheduled two weeks or more in advance. 

It’s my experience that developmental discussions, especially when they're concerned with complex dynamics, need a regular cadence. Consequently, I like to talk with you at a frequency that's right for you, but also respects the urgency and the demands of the issues we’re working on. At a minimum, I would expect to connect with you for at least one meeting per month.

If we meet via phone or video, I prefer Skype or Go To Meeting. Google Hangouts also possible. For me, video isn't necessarily preferable to phone; they're simply different media with different pros and cons. I prefer we evaluate the media preferences we bring to the table and together agree on the communications channels we decide to use