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Level II: Preparatory WORKSHOPS

Typically these Level II workshops function best as a package of five individual conversations spaced two weeks apart, with each conversation lasting two to three hours. Each workshop is available on a stand-alone basis. In this format, each costs $350.00. As a package, all five  workshops cost $1,500.00. Usually there is an additional cost of $250.00, which covers the costs of the material we offer as background for each workshop.  

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TLO offers five Level II workshops for executives. Each of these is its own conversation, a unique learning opportunity designed to help you expand your awareness and deepen your understanding of one new, yet very essential 21st Century leadership development issue.

THE First Level II Workshop in this series explores the kinds of new post-modern mindsets, worldviews, and orders of consciousness that 21st Century business leaders need to know about. Of special interest are the kinds of flexible leadership mindsets that allow you to perceive and respond to the complex transformational forces that are beginning to disrupt your organization. Beyond this, we define and discuss the similarities and the difference that exist between the 20th Century’s outmoded “managerial” worldview we all grew up with, and the new, post-modern leadership paradigm that’s currently emerging as the more appropriate response to the complex problems today's organizations are now facing. To our collective detriment, most of us are unaware of these shifts. Unfortunately, too many of today’s executives are not immune to this blindness, and accordingly, it has an important place in our first Level II conversation.

THE Second Level II Workshop defines exactly what's required to transform an organization. As part of this discussion, we examine the notion of 1st and 2nd order organizational change. These concepts are important, especially when an executive is faced with the challenge of simultaneously orchestrating their organization’s performance and leading its transformation. When their organization, on its own, is spontaneously changing out from underneath them, these 1st and 2nd Order leadership concepts become crucial techniques. Especially since finding effective ways of orchestrating an effective response to some highly disruptive innovation is the key challenge. Knowing the difference between what a 1st order organizational change effort can produce, and what a 2nd order change effort will create in an organization is crucial. Addressing these questions are what this Level II conversation is all about.   

THE Third Level II Workshop helps you understand the intra-psychic and the interpersonal attitudes, abilities and sense-of-self that you -- as a senior executive – will need to develop if you're going to become an effective transformational change leader. One of the most remarkable things about the 21st Century is the fact that the radical changes it’s fostering will soon require from each of us a fundamentally new worldview. Another is the fact that, to create a new worldview, each of us will have to know how to use both experiential and transformational learning skills to create our new Orders of Consciousness. Accordingly, this Level II session is focused on helping you ask and answer two key questions: First, " Do these ideas make sense for me?"; and second, "If they do, what, in practical terms, does this mean for me in terms of my own on-going "vertical development" efforts?"

THE Fourth & Fifth Level II Workshops are both concerned with the practical steps each of us, as executive leaders, can take to begin discovering, designing, testing and developing the new mindsets, worldviews, and orders of consciousness we'll need in the years ahead. Just exactly what is it that we, as transformational leaders, have to presume as the 21st Century’s dramatically new disruptive innovations take us in evermore disruptive directions?

The fourth Level II workshop is where we begin to address these issues, first by making them a point of conscious attention, second by helping you understand your own current mindsets, and finally by using these new insights to question ourselves about which of our previously hidden beliefs about leadership and organizations now seem most doubtful as reliable guideposts for us as managers and leaders.

The fifth Level II workshop is a series of opportunities where you develop and rehearse new “safe-to-fail” experiments that, when carefully deployed in the real world, help you test your new leadership mindsets, and the perceiving, thinking, and behaving habits that must come with them. This fifth Level II Workshop is focused, first of all, on helping you learn how to "self-author" you own executive or leadership identity. Secondly, it's focused on exploring self-directed learning so that you’ll be prepared to design, implement, and evaluate your own learning experiments, should you choose to advance to TLO’s Level III Workshops for Executives.