TLO Approach:
Experiential Learning

Learning is something we all do. Automatically. Instinctively. Without ever thinking about it. For all of us, learning’s a sub rosa skill, one for which we’re quite simply genetically hard-wired. 

Most of the time, this automatically serves us well. However, these days, more often than most of us realize, this “behind the scenes” talent of ours is beginning to let us down. Because this learning we’re doing is an unconscious talent, it’s fallible, a skill that’s too often leaving us vulnerable to making mistakes we’re not even aware of until we actually come face-to-face with the public consequences of our missteps, gaffs and malapropos. 

Given this, we at TLO believe that learning needs to become the 21st Century’s quintessential skill. Especially for anyone who needs a more effective way of resolving a long-standing personal or professional challenge, or who’s been wondering how they can strengthen talents and skills they already have that these days aren’t returning the results they once did. In these newly emerging situations, the two of us believe that knowing, in explicitly conscious ways, how to learn from our own experience is a skill that’s essential for success in business and in life in general.

To take a small step towards strengthening and enhancing what you already implicitly know about learning, take a look at the brief Learning To Learn thought papers available just below.