Links to a variety of worldview assessment instruments

At this point in time, we're fortunate there are adult development experts who've begun to figure out how to see into the inner depths of our brains and minds in ways that help us understand how our world views, mindsets, and Orders of Consciousness work. To gain a greater understanding of the dynamics created by your own and others' assumptions, presuppositions, and belief systems, read one or two of the research papers found below. If, when you're done, you'd like to make what you've read personally meaningful, contact us. With no financial obligation to you, we will calendar some time to explore with you what this research might usefully mean for you.

Order of Consciousness — Expert Tests

1. The Subject/Object Interview (Kegan & Lahey)

2. The Epistemological Questionnaire (Schommer) 

3. The Epistemological Beliefs Inventory (Schraw, et. al.)

4. The Epistemological Beliefs Survey (Wood & Kardash)

5. The Epistemological Development Survey (D. Kuhn)

6. The Washington University Sentence Completion Test (Loevinger)

7. The Leadership Maturity Assessment Instrument (Cook-Greuter)

8. The Leadership Development Level Survey (Eigel & Kuhnert)

9. The Global Leadership Profile (Bill Torbet)