Does a tough, frustrating, or deeply annoying situation keep popping up in your life? Are you wonder whether the knowledge and skills you learned early in life are ineffective in the face of the complicated, confusing and confounding situations that you, as an adult, are now a part of? Are you, because of this, searching for someone or someplace that might offer you new possibilities? Should you be?

At TLO, these are our issues. For the past five years we've dedicated ourselves to finding useful answers to four essential questions: 

  •  Are we responsible for the work and life problems that constantly plague us? 

  • Where should we look to be the best we can be? 

  • Is there really such a thing as our ‘best self’? 

  • Are there new forms of mind and modes of thinking I need to learn?

No matter which of these questions are yours, we're here, committed to sharing with you what we've learned about the answers that are now available.

Arrange a conversation.Take a chance. Talk with us about what it takes to organize a unique-to-you learning opportunity. Let us show you new ways to see, appreciate, and lean into the life-changing opportunities available to you in response to your curiosity, imagination, and courage. 

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