TLO and other expert's worldview and mindset thought papers

TLO Thought Papers plus

This TLO Thought Papers Plus landing page is designed to lead you to resources that don't fit comfortably into the 'Worldview and Mindset Center's other five primary landing pages. Here, we provide you with access to thought papers, best-practice intervention descriptions, practitioner profiles, and Worldview and Mindset assessments that can illuminate the complex nature of the many worldview now active in the 21st Century. More personally, we offer you access to assessments that can provide unique insights into the intersubjective nature of your own individual mindsets.

This landing page also highlights resources that will enhance your understanding of the presence and power of your own implicit modes of thinking, feeling, and acting. In this context, we feature concepts and experiences that will help you learn how to use neuroplasticity principles, tenets, and practices to uncover and discover existing habits of mind and modes of thinking that, at this point in time, might need reconstruction.

To facilitate your scanning, we offer four different resource sections; TLO Thought Papers, Other’s Thought Papers, Worldview Assessments, and the opportunity to sign up for TLO's Quarterly Newsletter, TLO's Monthly Blog, and one of TLO's unique 21st Century Dialogue Sessions.