TLO's and other experts' adult development thought papers

Tlo Thought Papers Plus

This TLO Thought Papers Plus landing page is designed to lead you to resources that don't fit comfortably into the Adult Development Center's other five primary landing pages. Through this landing page, we provide you with access to thought papers that describe Robert Kegan's Orders of Consciousness (OoC) theory, explain the biopsychosocial dynamics that create his basic  "evolutionary truces;" i.e., The Self-Sovereign Mind; The Socialized Mind: The Self-Authoring Mind: and The Self-Transforming Mind that Kegan's defined. As well, we offer access to resources that explore the political, economic, and pscyhosocial factors that support and hinder OoC development.

This landing page also highlights material that can deepen your understanding of the developmental dynamics that will either catalyze your conscious progression through Kegan's four Orders of Consciousness, or activate your unconscious retreat into less complex, more "primitive" modes of thinking. Of particular interest is material that will help you learn how to use the principles, tenets, and practices of Self-Directed Neuroplasticty to strengthen your current habits of mind and modes of thinking, including the roles that well trained Thought Partners can play in these efforts.

To facilitate you explorations, we offer three different resources; TLO Thought Papers, Expert Thought Papers, and the opportunity to sign up for TLO's Quarterly Newsletter, TLO's Monthly Blog, and one of TLO's unique 21st Century Dialogue Sessions.