TLO's and other experts' 21st century learning thought papers


This TLO Thought Papers Plus landing page is designed to lead you to personal and professional learning resources that don't fit comfortably into any of the 21st Century Learning Center's primary landing pages. Here we highlight concepts and ideas that offer you useful insights into the nature and dynamics of Experiential Learning, Transformational Learning, and Learning Partnerships. In each of these three contexts, the concepts and techniques of Focused Attention, Deliberate Practice and Self-Directed Neuroplasticity are of special interest. You will find this material by clicking on the 'TLO Thought Papers' button and the 'Other Thought Papers' button. 

Altogether the material you can access at the bottom of this landing page spotlights for you the ways in which, when integrated together into one coherent learning program, Experiential Learning, Transformational Learning, Learning Partnerships, Focused Attention, Deliberate Practice, and Self-Directed Neuroplasticity help you enhance and expand your modes of comprehension. And they spotlight the ways in which these approaches accelerate the translation of your real-life experiences into new, more effective learning experiments. In this context, we feature ideas, hypotheses, and suggestions aimed at helping you understand how to best use TLO's new "21st Century Learning Theory," and the triggers, dynamics, and experiments that are possible through this type of integrated, intersubjective learning. 

"Formal Education + Self-Directed Learning Experiments = Successful Personal and Professional Development" is TLO's new 21st Century learning equation, and it's the way we have integrated these six theories and methodologies. You will find several TLO thought papers on this issue below by clicking on the 'TLO's 21sr Century Learning Theory button. To facilitate this, we offer four different resources: TLO Thought Papers; TLO's 21st Century Learning Theory;  and Other Thought Papers. Additionally, there's an opportunity to sign up for TLO's Quarterly Newsletters, TLO's Monthly Blog, and one of TLO's upcoming 21st Century Dialogue Sessions.