TLO's and other experts best unthought known thought papers


This TLO Thought Papers Plus landing page is designed to lead you to resources that don't fit comfortably into The Unthought Known Resource Center's other four landing pages. Amongst the resources we offer here are those that provide insights into how we can enhance our appreciation of the in utero scars hardwired into the right side of our brains. 

In this context we offer material that will help you learn how to use somatic mindfulness, and/or focusing methods of personal attunement to discover your life's "voiceless wounds" and the "soulful longings" that were imprinted in the Unthought Know portions of your brains when you were an infant. Especially those neurobiological networks that seem to be vulnerable to the whims of the various  "repetition compulsion" flareups that, in certain high stress situations, you might be unwittingly subjected to.

To facilitate this, we offer four different resources; TLO Thought Papers, Other Thought Papers by 3rd party authors. poetry that TLO uses to support clients who want to go looking for their Unthought Known's hidden traces, and the opportunity to sign up for TLO's Quarterly Newsletter, TLO's Monthly Blog, and one of TLO's unique 21st Century Dialogue Sessions.