TLO's and other experts thought papers in the field of mindset architecture


This Thought Papers Plus landing page is designed to lead you to resources that don't fit comfortably into the Orders of Consciousness Center's other four primary landing pages. Here we want to highlight concepts and ideas that explore the seven neurobiological networks that apparently determine each person's individual level of consciousness. Of special concern are the “mental representations" that adults use to make meaning for themselves, others, and the world around them. These pages highlight threshold concepts coming out of new fields of inquiry like Biopsychosocial Development, Embodied Cognition, and Self-Directed Neuroplasticity.  

In Biopsychosocial Development, we will explore how nature and nurture together determine adult development. In Embodied Cognition we'll examine how adult meaning making is not just a cognitive process, but rather an activity coordinated across our brains and our bodies. We will also explore new fields of interest like intersubjective psychology and participatory sense-making. Through all of this, Self-Directed Neuroplasticity will be of special interest, since it's emerging as an excellent way to put all these new discoveries and insights to practical use. 

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