Review and description of best-practice worldview and mindset interventions

Best-Practice Interventions

This portion of Worldview and Mindset Resources profiles best-practice interventions that coaches and consultants working in this arena are currently offering their clients. Each of the interventions we spotlight in this area is placed in one of three categories; Universal Worldviews, Contextualized Mindsets, and Developmental Orders of Consciousness

At the Universal Worldview level, we highlight Best-Practice Interventions that we believe can help you to better understand how to think about the complex nature of the Universal Worldviews and Mindsets currently active in today's world. At the Contextualized Mindsets level, we feature Best-Practice Interventions that can help people in specific professions or disciplines -- for example, leaders, learners, or change consultants -- enhance their awareness of the presence and power of their implicit habits of mind. Finally, at the Developmental Orders of Consciousness level, we profile interventions that practitioners working in the real world are currently utilizing to help their clients take advantage of the neurobiological principles, tenets, and practices that can strengthen their traditional habits of mind and modes of thinking.


Anette prehn

master your mindset & brain: Framestorm your way to success


Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success is the master class Anette Prehn created as part of her effort to "make neuroscience accessible to everyone." Dr. Prehn is a pioneer in the Worldview and Mindset arena, as well as a researcher, educator, and coach "on a mission." On her website, Brainsmart, she suggests that scientists and practitioners who've tried to make neuroscience accessible to everyone have done so mostly by coining memorable aphorisms like "Neurons that fire together, wire together." She suggests that this approach, by itself, doesn't really offer the functional directions most of us need if we're going to activate our own self-directed, neurologically grounded learning processes.

As her answer to this difficulty, Ms. Prehn designed, developed, and now offers two workshops that actually show participants how to reframe and rewire their brains and bodies' neurobiological hardwiring in ways that substantially alter dysfunctional modes of thinking, feeling, and acting. Ms Prehn's introductory course is titled The Neuroscience of Reframing and How to Do It. And, as suggested above, her master class is titled Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success.

We've completed both these courses, and we've spent enough time with each to know that, if you're a person who's OK playfully experimenting with learning, then you can absolutely jump right into either course. However, if you're really serious about expanding the abilities of your brain and your mind to respond to the radical new challenges that the 21st Century is bringing to our doorsteps, then we believe Anette's second Udemy course, Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success, is the course you should choose to experiment with. For us, Framestorm Your Way to Success delivered on its promises. It's methods and practices weren't quite as easy-to-apply as Ms. Prehn suggests. But, given the experiences we've had with other neuroplasticity adventures, we never really assumed her Framestorming workshop would be all that easy.

There are a several reasons we say Framestorming delivers on its promises, but three stand out:

  • Across the breadth of her Framestorming workshop, Ms. Prehn never explicitly comes out and tells you that, to survive and thrive in the 21st Century, you need to stop believing in what's probably your deepest belief; i.e., your sense that what you experience every day, day after day, is reality. Rather, she uses a variety of humorous slides and charts to ever so obliquely help you realize that your unquestioning belief in the idea that "there is but one reality, and it's the one I see every day" is a myth. And, that it's a big mistake to continue believing in it. For example, her slide, 'The Pruning of Sensory Input', illustrates how our brains, by using their pre-exiting schema and templates, "prune" the 10 billion bits worth of data entering our bodies every second into just the 100 bits of data in a little more than a split second. And then, this slide shows us how our brains turn this data into impressions that are powerful enough to convince us that what we think we're seeing is, without question, the only reality there is to see.

  • In her Framestorming Workshop, Ms. Prehn takes all the catchy aphorisms we're familiar with, witty sayings like "neurons that fire together wire together" and "fake it till you make it," and, with three key observations, integrates these hackneyed witticisms into a conceptual framework that coalesces and focuses them into a model she's titled, "Brain Rules." The three observations she uses to create this model are these: (1) "The brain has its own logic;" (2) "If you know this logic, these Brain Rules can help you create the changes you want;" and (3) "When you use your brain's logic, it changes itself." On her website, Anette offers a series of videos that elaborate and extend this Brain Rules framework into a fuller model; one she sees as The Core Rules of the Brain. Essentially, in her workshop and in her videos, Anette's shows us why, "You have to know, follow, and apply the logic and the rules of the brain. When you do, your brain will create the changes you want for you."

  • The actual Framestorming intervention that Anette has created is simultaneously easily done and surprisingly impactful. Her Framestorm method is a three-step process that, by itself, is easy to use. It's launched by creating a short, emotionally detached description of your current perception of reality: "What's going on right now?" is the key question. The ABC reframing process that follows has three clear steps, ASKING Calibrating Questions, BEGINNING a reframing process that creates a purposefully overwhelming numbers of alternative perceptions of reality, and finally moving on to CHOOSING the one most powerfully attractive reframe to playfully experiment with. The surprising thing about these three ABC steps is the way they impact your brain's pre-existing hardwiring. It's as if, conceptually speaking, Ms. Prehn is quietly showing you how Framestorming, in practice, is a two-sided coin. On one side of the coin, there are two Brain Rules (e.g., "neurons that fire apart wire apart" and "neurons out of sync fail to link") that define the task at hand as disrupting a pre-existing, unwanted life pattern. On the other side of the coin, there are two other Brain Rules (e.g., "neurons that fire together wire together" and "fake it till you make it.") that define the task as building brain circuitry that produces new, integrated perceptions and actions. On one hand, there's disrupting old hard wiring. On the other, there's creating stable new connections and networks. Our experience with this is that both sides are key and essential. In fact, we've come away from our time with this master class, especially the Framestorming experiments that we're playing with right now, with the sense that the most powerful result of our Framestorming experiences aren't going to be either what we've learned through the Udemy course itself or what we're just now beginning to create in our brains' synaptic connections and neuronal networks. Rather, the most impactful result is going to be the eventual growth of new personal identities wherein each of us begins seeing ourselves, in terms of our core identities, as our own Reality Creators.

If, after thinking through what we've offered here, you're interested in learning more about Anette's master class, Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success, read the article that Ms. Prehn published in the 2012 edition of the NeuroLeadership Journal -- Create Reframing Mindsets Through Framestorm

Overall, it's our sense that Framestorming Your Way to Success is a Worldview and Mindset "Best-Practice Intervention," one that's truly capable of helping you reframe the issues that are troubling you and, most importantly, stimulating the new neural pathways in your brain and mind that you need to resolve these issues. Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success is a doorway to neurobiological change, and potentially to a new personal identity. It's an intervention that's well worth taking a risk with. Framestorm is a registered trademark intervention and method. Anette Prehn is currently the only certified trainer; should you be interested in joining an off line Framestorm course in order to systematically strengthen your reframing ability, please contact Ms. Prehn via her website, Brainsmart.