Review and description of best-practice worldview and mindset interventions

Best-Practice Interventions

This portion of TLO’s Worldview and Mindset Resources Center profiles best-practice interventions that coaches and consultants working in this arena are currently offering their clients. Each of the interventions we spotlight here are interventions that we believe can help you to better understand how to think about the complex nature of the worldviews and mindsets that are currently active in today's world. We will feature Best-Practice Interventions that can help people in specific professions or disciplines -- for example, leaders, learners, or change consultants -- enhance their awareness of the presence and power of their implicit habits of mind. Finally, we will profile interventions that practitioners working in the real world are currently utilizing to help their clients take advantage of the neurobiological principles, tenets, and practices that can strengthen their traditional habits of mind and modes of thinking.

Annick de Witt
Worldview Awareness Test

One of the most interesting and useful worldview interventions available is Dr. Annick de Witt’s Worldview Awareness Test. When I first used this test, it did three important things for me. First, the results this test provided confirmed my sense of my own personal worldview. Second, the side-by-side nature of the worldview descriptions that Annick provided with her assessment results helped me better understand the differences between each of the four alternative worldviews that she's identified. And finally, but most importantly, thinking about my test results, especially the worldview portraits provided, helped me recognize, for the first time, what I'd not realized before then: Each of Dr. de Witt's four Universal Worldviews  -- i.e., Traditional, Modern, Postmodern, and Integrative -- is a worldview that's alive and active in today's world.

 Overall, the key insight I gained from taking Dr. de Witt's Worldview Awareness Test was, and is, a real appreciation for the fact that all four of the worldviews that she describes are active in the world today. And that the people who are holding each of these worldviews are holding them as "sacred truths." Which, all too often, means that their worldview is what's driving them to struggle and compete with people who hold other worldviews for the right to say “I’m right. you’re wrong!” This insight alone made it clear that it's actually incumbent on each of us to be aware of our own worldview and of the existence of the other three as powerful and viable ways of understanding truth and reality.

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 Anette prehn

master your mindset & brain: Framestorm your way to success


Anette Prehn has designed and developed two workshops that show participants how to reframe and rewire their brains and bodies' neurobiological hardwiring in ways that substantially alter dysfunctional modes of thinking, feeling, and acting. Ms Prehn's introductory course is titled The Neuroscience of Reframing and How to Do It. Her master class is titled Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success.

I’ve completed both these courses, and spent enough time with each to know that, if you're a person who's OK playfully experimenting with learning, then you can absolutely jump right into either course. However, if you're really serious about expanding the abilities of your brain and your mind to respond to the radical new view of the world that the 21st Century is bringing to our doorsteps, then we believe Anette's second Udemy course, Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success, is the course you should choose to experiment with. For us, Framestorm Your Way to Success delivered on its promises. It's methods and practices weren't quite as easy-to-apply as Ms. Prehn suggests. But, given the experiences we've had with other neuroplasticity workshops, we never really assumed her Framestorming workshop would be all that easy.

If you're interested in learning more about Anette's master class, Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success, read the article that Ms. Prehn published in the 2012 edition of the NeuroLeadership Journal -- Create Reframing Mindsets Through Framestorm. Overall, it's our sense that Framestorming Your Way to Success is a Worldview and Mindset "Best-Practice Intervention," one that's truly capable of helping you reframe the issues that are troubling you and, most importantly, stimulating the new neural pathways in your brain and mind that you need to resolve these issues. Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success is a doorway to neurobiological change, and potentially to a new personal identity. It's an intervention that's well worth taking a risk with.