Identification and review of 21st Century's learning's best-practice interventions

Best-practice interventions

This TLO's 21st Century Learning Resource Center will profile promising 21st Century Learning Interventions.

Here in this section, we will offer outstanding 21st Century learning interventions. Of particular interest will be those interventions that integrate David Kolb's approach to experiential learning with Jack Mezirow's insights about transformational learning and Herbert Simon's and Anders Ericsson's discoveries regarding the roles that learning methods like focused attention and deliberate practice play in the development of complex 21st Century skill sets. And how the integration of experiential learning, transformational learning, focused attention and deliberate practice allows us to design better, more effective best-practice 21st Century Learning programs. Consequently, just below we offer you a full description of TLO’s approach to 21st Century Learning (TLO’s 21st Century Learning Resource Center). To balance the equation, we’re also offering you some interesting alternative approaches to 21st Century learning that we think merit consideration (Other 21st Century Learning Approaches).

We encourage you to explore both these alternatives. We definitely would appreciate hearing from you about the ways these best-practice interventions compare and contrast with one another. And what, in combination, they're telling you about what best-practice 21st Century learning interventions ought to look like.