The unthought known's best-practice interventions


Jane Hirshfield, who is one of America's most accomplished poets, seems to know something about the Unthought Known. For example, in various places in her book of essays titled Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry, she comments:

"Poems do not make appointments with their subject---they stalk them...And when at last the leap comes, it is most often...from the side, the rear, an overhead perch, from some word-blind woven of brush or shadow or fire...There is a shyness at the core of existence...There are things we can possess only by following them into the realm of disguise."

It seems to me that with this observation Ms. Hirschfield is suggesting two important possibilities to those of us who are truly interested in stepping into our own transformational journeys. First, that we must understand that, in every life, there are some developmental situations and circumstances we’ll only be able to apprehend once we've followed "them into the realm of disguise." And second, that those situations and circumstances hidden in Jane's realms of disguise will only open themselves us once we're both willing and able to let them into our awareness.

Just below you can explore all this through our “circles of awareness interview.” And, you can explore explore examples of poems that have proved themselves to be perfect doorways for entering into an unexpected conversation.