Identification and review of Worldview and mindset's leading practitioners

Leading Practitioners

This portion of TLO's Worldview and Mindset Resources Center is designed to profile practitioners who are using what they know about worldviews and mindsets with their coaching and consulting clients. It will highlight leading practitioners who can help you to better understand how to think about the complex nature of a civilization's, a society's, or an individual's worldview. It will also feature practitioners who help clients in specific professions or disciplines -- for example, leaders, learners, or change consultants -- enhance their awareness of the presence and power of their implicit habits of mind. Finally,  it will also feature practitioners working in the real world who encourage their clients to apply progressive worldview ideas and frameworks, including neurobiological principles, tenets, and practices in their efforts to expand and strengthen their personal habits of mind and modes of thinking.

transforming today’s worldviews

Dr. Annick de Witt

There aren't many people who know much about worldviews these days. Surely, there aren’t many who, in practical ways, can help individuals, teams, and organizations understand both the historical and the contemporary nature of the various worldviews that are active today. There are even fewer who are interested in helping individuals understand their own personal own worldviews, including the ways in which these worldviews are impacting and shaping their lives. Actually, we know of only one -- Dr. Annick de Witt --  who is currently doing original research while also working as an thought leader highlighting for interested individuals and groups the connections between our current worldviews and the critical issues of today. Dr. de Witt is the only one I can find who's helping interested individuals and organizational leaders find effective ways of expanding their mindsets as a way to improve their thinking and their actions.  

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