Identification and description of adult development's leading practitioners


TLO's Adult Development Resource Center’s basic purpose is to encourage and support you in your own personal adult development efforts. Through this landing page, we intend to provide you with access to practitioners who are especially skilled at facilitating the development of you orders of consciousness, especially your movement into and through Kegan’s basic  "evolutionary truces;" i.e., The Self-Sovereign Mind; The Socialized Mind: The Self-Authoring Mind: and The Self-Transforming Mind. As well, we intend to provide you with access to resources that explore the political, economic, and pscyhosocial factors that tend to support and/or hinder your development. Overall the idea is to provide you with resources that will deepen your understanding of the developmental dynamics that will either catalyze your conscious progression through Kegan's four Orders of Consciousness, or activate your unconscious retreat into less complex, more "primitive" modes of thinking. Of particular interest is material that will help you learn how to use the principles, tenets, and practices of Self-Directed Neuroplasticty to strengthen your current habits of mind and modes of thinking, including the roles that well trained Thought Partners can play in these efforts.

Deborah Helsing & Annie Howell — Subject Object Change

The Subject/Object Interview (The SOI) is an interview tool created by Lisa Lahey, Emily Souvaine, Robert Kegan, Robert Goodman, and Sally Felix that’s specifically designed to generate data about how an adult, in terms defined by Robert Kegan’s constructive-developmental theory, makes meaning from within their existing forms of mind. And how they might develop beyond the limits of their current order of consciousness. Currently, the SOI interview is used extensively by a wide variety of practitioners. Unfortunately, almost all of them, but especially those who are certified by Kegan and Lahey, are practitioners who are focused on coaching or consulting to either business or educational leaders. Certified practitioners who work with individual adults seem to be quite rare. Two practitioners who do work with individual adults are Deborah Helsing and Annie Howell, co-founders of the coaching and consulting firm Subject Object Change

Helsing and Howell’s naturally base their work on Robert Kegan’s Constructive-Developmental theory. In their work, the highlight how people know what they claim to know rather than what they actually do know. Helping and Howell use the SOI to define and illustrate identifiable patterns in how adults perceive their personal and professional settings, and how they frame their ways of knowing. The type of help they provide depends on how well their clients can understand the ways they are currently making sense of themselves and their lives, and how they will need to change or grow to meet the demands they’re facing. The transformational opportunities that emerge out of their SOI interviews do not only involve new skill development. The developmental issues the emerge from an SOI interview point toward the ways the individual needs to grow, adapt, and develop greater psychological complexity. They have implications for how the individual approaches every aspect of his or her life. Sustaining and assisting this type of growth is perhaps the type of support that Helsing and Howell suggest that they can provide.

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