Identification of 21st Century learning's leading practitioners


This portion of TLO's 21sg Century Learning Resources site is designed to profile practitioners who are using what they know about this century’s new approaches to learning. It will highlight leading practitioners who can help you to better understand how to think about the complex nature of personal learning, especially those efforts that have to do with the development of new mindsets and more complex orders of consciousness. It will feature practitioners who know how to help individuals enhance their awareness of the presence and power of their implicit habits of mind. Finally, it will feature practitioners working in the real world who encourage their clients to apply progressive frameworks, including neurobiological principles, tenets, and practices in their efforts to expand and strengthen the personal habits of mind and modes of thinking of those with whom their working..

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The coaches and thought partners at Transformational Learning Opportunities believe that, by itself, a formal classroom education is never enough. High school diplomas, college degrees, and third-party training certificates are necessary stepping stones. TLO believes that no matter how advanced or skilled a person is, they can never guarantee that they’ll successfully transform their new knowledge into new modes of thinking and new behavioral skills that they need to thrive in today's world. TLO believes that, in addition to formal degrees, anyone interested in personal growth and development needs to know how to use their new knowledge to leverage the new real-world experiences they’ll have in way that help them organize and launch personal and professional learning journeys. Learning Journeys that are aimed at three things; improving the essential skills we already have, developing the new skills we need to succeed at work and in our lives, and reframing the outdated modes of thinking we’re clinging onto so that we can respond more effectively to today's challenges and opportunities. If we’re going to actually and truly develop our abilities to respond to and cope with the challenges and opportunities that our lives are confronting us with, then we’re going to need to know how to combine what we learn in formal classroom settings with what we learn in our real lives. Simply put, there are “Front-End” and “Back-End” elements to real 21st Century learning that we need to master.

TLO believe this means that we all would be well-served if we mastered this learning equation.

"Formal Education + Self-Directed Learning = Successful Personal and Professional Development"