Identification of 21st Century learning's leading practitioners


Today, no amount of formal classroom education can guarantee you that you've developed the knowledge, perspective, and skills that will assure your success. In a world that's filled with radical complexities and accelerating rates of change, we believe that a high-quality formal education is an absolute necessity. In this day and age, it's the price of admission to a successful career and/or a satisfying life. But, by themselves, formal degrees will never be enough to show you exactly how to build the career or the life you aspire to. At best, whatever your formal educational accomplishments are, they can only be the foundation for what must become a lifelong learning journey.

In addition to formal educational accomplishments, we're all going to need to know how to design and implement our own experience-based, self-directed learning programs. We will need to know how to take the knowledge, perspectives, and insights our educational accomplishments have given us and use them as tools that help us leverage our everyday experiences into effective self-directed learning opportunities. A formal education is simply the Front-End of everyone's real-life learning efforts. It's the launch pad that has to be built before we launch the self-directed experiential learning experiments that are the Back-End components of these life-long learning journeys.