Leading practitioners in the field of mindset architecture


In this section, we want to feature practitioners working in the Orders of Consciousness arena who are doing cutting edge work. For the last several months, we've been searching online and offline for these type of OoC practitioners, reading all the case studies, books, and articles we can find. We’ve also been talking with colleagues, looking for coaches and consultants who we could profile as leading practitioners. The sad truth is that, other than in the Mindfulness field, we haven’t discovered any practitioners who seem to be offering citing edge work in this area. We've spent the last several months looking hard for anyone who seems to have in hand a body of work with adults in the self-directed neuroplasticity arena, and haven’t discovered anyone who stands out. Surprisingly, our research suggests there currently isn't anyone who we’re comfortable offering as an outstanding practitioner in this field. We will keep looking, and when we discover someone who seems to be offering a cutting edge services, we will be sure to highlight them.