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TLO’s Learning To Learn Services

At Transformational Learning Opportunities, we know high school diplomas, college degrees, or best-in-class third-party training certificates, by themselves, won’t guarantee you that you’ll develop the modes of thinking or the personal/professional skills you need to thrive in today’s world. Today, in addition to a high-quality education, each of us needs to know how to design, implement and evaluate our own experience-based, self-directed learning projects.

These are the crucial skills that most of us have yet to learn. Even though they’re precisely what we need if we want to translate the knowledge we’ve acquired through our formal educational into high-quality personal and professional skills that produce real-world results for us.

If you look back at how you were taught growing up, you’ll discover that the high school and college curricula you were exposed to were almost exclusively focused on helping you acquire new knowledge. And that this education of your's neglected to pay serious attention to showing you how to translate the knowledge you were developing, whether it was personal, interpersonal, or professional, into skills that supported and fostered your success. As a result, most of us have ended up knowing a lot about some things and very little about how to leverage what we've been taught into our own unique, on-going learning efforts. 

Here at TLO, we're focused on helping you learn how to learn. We focus our efforts on helping you learn how to translate what you know into concrete skills that will help you succeed. In this regard, we've developed three different ways for you to learn how to take the knowledge you already have and/or the new knowledge that you're acquiring now and apply the personal learning skills you need in ways that help you discover how to turn your knowledge, whether new or old, into new levels of competence and mastery:

1. Basic Learning-to-Learn Conversations

These Introductory Conversations are 1-, 2-, and 4-hour dialogues designed to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses as an adult learner, as well as the basic learning-to-learn skills you’ll need to develop if you’re going to consciously manage your own individual learning-to-learn efforts. During this conversation, we explore the specific skills necessary for effective self-directed learning, techniques like Mindfulness, Critical Reflection, Conceptual Association, Conceptual Integration, and Purposeful Experimentation.  We discuss and explore all this in detail that’s broad and deep enough for you to truly comprehend the kind of learning-to-learn efforts required for you to manage your own learning.

2. Learning-to-Learn Mastery Workshops

These workshops are 1- or 2-day off-sites that are designed to help you master all the experiential and transformative skills you need in order to design, initiate, and evaluate your own individual learning-to-learn” efforts.  The specific skills necessary for effective self-directed learning, like Mindfulness, Critical Reflection, Conceptual Association, Conceptual Integration, and Purposeful Experimentation, are explored in detail that’s broad and deep enough for you to truly comprehend the kind of learning competencies that are associated with you becoming a master of your own learning.

3. Real-World Learning-to-Learn Experiments

These explorations are on-going Self-Directed Learning Experiments (SDLEs) that are focused on using your new learning skills to address your specific developmental needs. These experiential adventures are designed jointly by us, implemented by you, and supported by me through my Thought Leader and Thought Partner activity. Each one of your SDLEs is designed to help you rewire and retrain your mind and your brain. You will use the experiential and transformative skills and techniques you’ve mastered –specific skills like Mindfulness, Critical Reflection, Conceptual Association, Conceptual Integration, and Purposive Experimentation –to accelerate your development. These real-world experiments are the time and the place where you rehearse, refine, and rehearse your personal and professional learning experiments until you’re confident in your mastery of the learning skills and techniques you’ll need to accomplish your unique work and life goals. 

We’ve learned that each person comes to these learning-to-learn programs with different experiences, different learning-to-learn skills, and different developmental needs. We’ve also learned that each program we deliver needs to be jointly designed. Click the navigation button below to schedule an exploratory Learning-to-Learn conversation that will help you define your distinct learning-to-learn needs and interests.