FOR IndividualS

Level I: Introductory Conversations

TLO's first Level I Conversation is free. This is a “saying hello” experience, a time for us to get to know one another; it needs to be free of any expectations or obligations. If we agree to proceed to a second Level I conversation, it alone costs $300.00. If we agree to convene the third Level I conversation, then the total cost for all three conversations is $550.00. In each case, the fee covers our time, and the cost of background materials we normally provide. If you’d prefer, we can offer you these three Level I conversations as one half day dialogue session. In this format, TLO's fee is $500.00.

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To introduce you to the services TLO offers individuals, we begin by inviting you to join us in a series of three introductory conversations.

THE First Level I Conversation in this series is designed to introduce us to one another. Trust is a fundamental aspect of any learning effort, and consequently we believe you and we are best served when we begin the work we do together by building some mutual trust. We launch this by sharing a chapter or two from our personal histories, as well by testing some of the salient hopes and worries that quite naturally come with these stories.

THE Second Level I Conversation begins a discussion about how, at this point in time, we can most effectively learn new things. We ourselves believe that, in the months and years just ahead, most adults living and working in today’s post-modern world will need to know how to orchestrate their own self-directed experiential and transformational learning programs. These are going to be indispensable capabilities that every individual needs. Accordingly, once we've said hello to one another, we want to explore with you whether you too might agree with this proposition. Essentially, at this point, our joint task is describing for ourselves what we each believe about the role that learning must play in helping us augment and develop whatever new personal and professional skills we may want to develop.
THE Third Level I Conversation is where, together, we begin thinking about the kinds of “disconnects” and “mismatches” -- what Dr. Seuss calls Hang-ups & Windows Not Lighted --that currently are troublesome complications in each of our lives.  For us, "disconnects” are the personal troubles we experience when a habit of mind that we've learned early in life lets us down in important, awkward or embarrassing moments. “Mismatches,” on the other hand, are those situations when we find ourselves overwhelmed by new, strange, and/or unique demands of a situation that we’ve never found ourselves in before. During this Level III Conversation, the disconnects and mismatches that are of special interest are those that have vexed us frequently and/or long enough to warrant more attention than we ordinarily have time to give them in our hurried, busy lives.   
We end each of these conversations with three results: A “Bridging Document” that summarizes the insights we’ve uncovered; a "Developmental Challenges Outline" that specifies the issues to which we're attracted; and a joint answer to the question, "Are we seeing enough promise in our conversations to warrant scheduling another?" If our answer's yes, we close out our last Level I conversation with a "Statement of Developmental Opportunities" that defines the issues pulling us forward into TLO's Level II For Individuals Workshops.