FOR Coaches & Consultants

Level I: Introductory Conversations

Typically these introductory conversations work best as a sequential series of three short conversations spaced a week to ten days apart, with each conversation lasting an hour to an hour and a half. The first Level I Conversations is free. The second Level I Conversation costs $250.00.  If we agree to proceed to the third Level I Conversation, the total cost for all three conversations is $600.00. If you’d prefer, we can offer these three Conversations as one half day dialogue sessions. In this format, the fee is $500.00. These fees cover our time, and the cost of the background materials we generally provide in order to set the context for each conversation.

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The services TLO offers coaches and consultants –whether they’re internal or external -- begins with a series of three preliminary conversations.

THE First Level I Conversation in this series is designed to introduce us to one another. Trust is a fundamental aspect of any meaningful learning effort, and consequently we believe that you and we are best served when we begin our learning partnership by building some mutual trust. We initiate this effort by sharing something of the individual histories each of us is bringing to the table, by profiling some of the more salient worries and concerns that are tied to these stories, and by outlining what we might hope to accomplish together.

THE Second Level I Conversation explores the core post-modern assumptions and presuppositions that all coaches and consultants need to know about. Once we’ve said hello to one another in satisfactory ways, we initiate an exploratory discussion about the presumptive coaching and consulting assumptions we all carry. Ones like these:

  • In significant ways, each of us participates in the creation of our own reality. Collectively, our personal and professional worlds are socially constructed; they’re created, maintained, and reinforced by what each of us does and says every day.
  • The complexity the 21st Century is ushering into our lives is, at this very moment, both disrupting and  discrediting much of what we’ve long assumed were reliable best-practice strategies. At this point in time, our traditional 20th Century mindsets, worldviews, and orders of consciousness are becoming increasingly unreliable.
  • If, for you, these are credible 21st Century presumptions, then what also should be a powerful proposition is the assertion that our society’s traditional ‘school-based’ approaches to learning are not, in today’s complex world, going to serve us well. Sooner rather than later, we all will need to know how to create for ourselves the mindsets and developmental environments that we need to become accomplished lifelong learners.
  • Bottom line, it is going to be the intensely conscious self-directed approaches to learning we pursue outside of formalized institutional environments that are going to become the 21st Century’s quintessential skill.

THE Third Level I Conversation is where we begin shaping the form of our new learning partnership, given we agree to move forward. Over the years, the two of us have learned that, when we're forming new, long-term learning partnerships, it's crucial for the partners to openly explore whether those who are involved might come to trust one another enough to explicitly discover, discuss, and question the validity and significance of at least some of their heretofore unquestioned presuppositions, especially the ones that have been silently guiding their coaching and consulting practices. This last Level I Conversation is where we begin to develop our answer. As such, it's the essential prelude to TLO's Coaches and Consultants' Level II Conversations