FOR CoachES & Consultants

Level II:Preparatory WORKSHOPS 

Typically these Level II Workshops function best as a package of five individual sessions spaced two weeks apart, with each session lasting two to three hours. As a package of five, these Workshops cost $1,500.00. Each session is available on a stand-alone basis. In this format, each workshop costs $350.00, which covers the costs of our time and the material we offer as background for each session.  

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At Level II, TLO offers our learning partners five workshops. Each of these is its own unique conversation, a learning session that’s specifically designed to help us expand our awareness and deepen our understanding of a coaching and/or a consulting issue that you and we believe is key to deepening our personal growth and strengthening our professional practices. But, no matter what the specific issue is that we’re addressing in the moment, the essential deep-down issue of prime concern is always the question of what together we can discover about the assumptions, presumptions, and modes of thinking that, at this point in time, are both constraining and supporting our growth as 21st Century coaches and consultants.

THE First Level II Workshop in this series is a conversation about the ways in which the 21st Century’s globalization processes, its increasingly disruptive technological innovations, its accelerating rates of social change, its intractable ethnic conflicts, and its growing economic disparities are just now coming together in ways that are discrediting our traditional worldviews, and much of what heretofore we have assumed were reliable best-practice strategies. In a word, too many of our pivotal mindsets are proving to be unreliable, and this workshop is expressly designed to help us come to terms with the ways this either is or should be impacting our coaching and consulting practices.

THE Second Level II Workshop is about the idea that the 21st Century is now demanding from us the ability to consciously re-design and re-make the neurobiological networks that are our worldviews, mindsets, and orders of consciousness. It’s about the proposition that effectively accomplishing this means we each have to learn how to use a variety of experiential and transformational learning techniques and tools. Bottom line, this workshop is about helping us effectively question whether these two propositions make sense, and, if they do, what we, through our learning partnership, can do to make them practical

THE Third Level II Workshop explores two distinct, but interrelated issues. First, it's about the nature of the psychological disconnects and order of consciousness mismatches that, at this point in history, are confusing, frustrating, and confounding so many coaches and consultants. Second, it's about the new modes of thinking that each of us needs if we’re going to respond effectively to our own and our clients’ personal disconnects and professional mismatches. As previously stated, psychological disconnects are the personal problems and professional missteps that surface when the perceptual frameworks and behavioral routines we learned early in our lives no longer produce for us the relationships or the results they once did. Psychological mismatches, on the other hand, are the new, thoroughly incomprehensible difficulties that are disrupting our lives because the worldview we developed as children are no longer providing us with maps of our external “realities” that are accurate enough to let us, as post-modern adults, respond effectively to the innovative discoveries and disruptive challenges that the 21st Century is creating.

THE Fourth Level II Workshop addresses what we, as coaches and consultants, must do to discover, design, and test out the new mindsets, worldviews, and orders of consciousness we need. This workshop is where we begin to address these opportunities and challenges, first by making them an issue of conscious attention, second by understanding our own particular worldviews, and finally by using these new insights to ask and answer one question: i.e., "Which of our previously hidden beliefs and presuppositions now seem most doubtful as reliable guideposts for our new personal and professional lives?"

THE Fifth Level II Workshop is where we develop and rehearse specific “safe-to-fail” experiments that, when deployed in the real world, help you experiment with the new mindsets, and their unique ways perceiving, thinking, and behaving. Essentially, this fifth Level II Workshop "teaches" us how to do “Self-Directed Learning Experiments” so that you’ll be prepared to actually design, implement, and evaluate your own Self-Directed Learning experiments, should you decide to advance to TLO’s Coaches and Consultant's Level III Workshops.