Level II: Preparatory Dialogues & Workshops


TLO, at Level II, offers three exploratory sessions. Each of these is its own conversation, a unique learning session designed to help you expand your awareness of and deepen your understanding of one particular, very essential developmental issue.  

The first session in this coach’s and consultant’s series is concerned with the issue of Mindsets, Worldviews, and Orders of Consciousness. Each of these concepts is simply a different way of talking about the deeply held presuppositions each of us has that tells us what’s real, and how, because of these beliefs, we need to think and behave. The central task here, in this conversation, is surfacing and discussing the similarities and the difference between a client’s “managerial world view” and their own coach’s and consultant’s worldview. Almost all of us -- to our detriment – are unaware of our own personal worldviews. Even more are unaware of the differences between our professional “helping”  mindset and our client’s “managerial” philosophy. When and where this is real, the coach or consultant is destined to be ineffective. Thus, this session is designed to help you get prepared to begin working consciously with your own mindsets, while yousimultaneously work to better understand your client’s. In this regard, this second session is concerned with enhancing your general awareness of the “mindset” idea and, beyond this, your sense of your own particular mindset. It is devoted to the task of helping you learn key things about the interconnections and relationships between your own Order of Consciousness and your clients.

The second Level II conversation is aimed at pinpointing the particular disconnects and mismatches that, may be confusing, frustrating, or annoying you and your clients. Psychological disconnects are the minor interpersonal problems and the professional irritations that get in the way of bonding between a coach and their client when either’s perceptual frameworks and behavioral routines learned early in life are no longer as effective. Psychological mismatches, on the other hand, are the incomprehensible difficulties that just now are beginning to interfere with a coach’s or a consultant’s ability to effectively emphasize with their clients issues because their personal and professional worldviews are out of sync with the “realities” their client believes he or she is facing as today’s new 21st Century demands press in on them.

TLO’s third Level II session is designed to help you better understand the professional attitudes, abilities and sense of self that you’ll need if your going to be an effective thought leader and thought partner with your clients. One of the most remarkable things about this new 21st Century of ours is the fact that sometime soon the radical technological and societal changes it’s fostering will be demanding from each of us – but especially coaches and consultants -- the conscious ability to use both experiential and transformational learning skills to support a senior executive or a key organizational change leader. This final Level II session is focused on helping you assess whether this assertion of ours makes sense for you and, if it does, what it might mean for your long-term development.

Each of these three sessions on their own is a useful exploration of one specific issue that we believe is fundamental to any developmental effort you might be interested in pursuing. Together, these three sessions allow you to construct your own unique learning platform in preparation for your next level of effort. Each individual session costs $100.00. Together, all four cost $500.00.