Level II: Preparatory Dialogues & Workshops


TLO offers three Level II sessions for executives. Each of these sessions is its own conversation, a unique learning session designed to help you expand your awareness and deepen your understanding of one particular, very essential 21st Century leadership development issue.

The first session in this series is concerned with exploring the kinds of Mindsets, Worldviews, and Orders of Consciousness that 21st Century business leaders need to develop. The kinds of mindsets and worldviews that will allow you to perceive and effectively respond to the complex issues that are right now disrupting the organizations for which you’re responsible.. The central task here, in this conversation, is surfacing and discussing the similarities and the difference between the now seriously outmoded 20th Century “world view” you grew up with, and the new 21st Century Orders of Consciousness that are emerging as much more appropriate to the complicated and complex problemsand dilemmas you’re now facing. Almost all of us -- to our detriment – are unaware of our the dramatic differences between 20th and 21st Century worldviews. Today’s executives are not immune from this.

The second Level II conversation in this series is aimed at elucidating exactly what’s involved in transforming an organization. And, alongside this discussion, we also explore the very, very complicated approaches to change that are necessary if you’re going to learn how to lead these kinds of systemic organizational transformations. 

TLO’s third Executive Level II session is designed to help you better understand the personal attitudes, abilities and sense of self that you -- as a senior executive or change leader – are going to need if your going to be an effective thought leader, thought partner, and change leader for your organization. One of the most remarkable things about this new 21st Century of ours is the fact that sometime soon the radical technological and societal changes it’s fostering will be demanding from each of us – but especially from our senior executives and key change leaders-- the conscious ability to use both experiential and transformational learning skills when they’re acting as a senior executive or a key organizational change leader. This Level II session is focused on helping you assess whether this assertion of ours makes sense for you and, if it does, to explore what it might mean for your future leadership development efforts.

Each of these three sessions, on their own, is a useful exploration of one specific issue that we believe is fundamental to any leadership development effort you might be interested in pursuing. Together, these three sessions allow you to construct your own unique learning platform in preparation for your next level of development. Each individual session costs $100.00. Together, all four cost $500.00.