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Level II: Preparatory WORKSHOPS

Each of these four sessions is a useful exploration of a specific issue fundamental to any specific vertical development effort that you might be interested in pursuing. Together, these four sessions are designed to help you prepare yourself for any number of self-directed learning efforts. Each individual session costs $500.00. If you plan to join us for all four Level II Workshops, the fee is $1750.00.

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At Level II, TLO offers four workshops. Each is its own unique session, an occasion focused on one or more of the specific issues outlined in the "Bridging Document" we created at the end of our third Level I Conversation.  Overall, these four Level II workshops are designed to accomplish two things:

  • First, some notable progress toward realizing the personal learning results described in our Level I “Bridging Document."
  • Second, some preliminary exploration of three key adult development issues; self-directed learning, self-authorship, and safe-to-fail learning experiments.

THE First Level II Workshop in this series starts by exploring one of the 21st Century's most remarkable stories; i.e., the proposition that the radical discoveries this century's new technological, biological, and informational sciences are giving birth to are together just now beginning to ask from us the ability to consciously and purposefully change the modes of thinking and habits of mind that we're using to guide every aspect of our lives. Here, in this first Level II Conversation, we table this assertion, not as an unquestionable statement of fact; but rather as two questions worthy of serious discussion. First, we ask, "Does this assertion about the 21st Century's new story make sense to you?"; and second, "If it does, what do you think we might need to do together to effectively explore its practical implications?"
THE Second Level II Workshop explores the ways in which experiential and transformational learning are relevant to these 21 Century challenges and opportunities. We get at the answers to this question by identifying and exploring the personal "disconnects" and "mismatches" that, at this point in our lives, are consistently confusing, frustrating, and annoying us. As previously stated, personal disconnects are the problems and professional irritations that show up in your life when the perceptual frameworks and behavioral routines you learned early in your life are no longer truly effective. Psychological mismatches, on the other hand, are the uncertainties and confusions that just recently began appearing in your life because your personal worldview -- the mindsets you developed early in your life -- is no longer providing you with "maps" of these new uncertainties and confusions that are accurate enough for you to understand how to respond effectively.

THE Third & Fourth Level II Workshops, each in different ways, is concerned with figuring out what we can do together to develop the new orders of consciousness that each of us will need if we're going to respond effectively to the disruptions the 21st Century is fostering. Ordinarily, most of us don’t need to concern ourselves with concepts like mindsets, worldviews, or orders of consciousness. These hidden phenomena can comfortably stay behind the scenes, untouchable. But, we're not in ordinary times; and the stability and viability of our traditional mindsets, worldviews, and orders of consciousness are precisely what's being challenged. For us, this phenomenon is the "vertical development" issue that we explore during these last two Level II Workshops.
Over time, TLO's four Level II Workshops produce three signature results. They extend and expand your awareness of the worldview, mindset, Order of Consciousness idea. They support you as you define and deepen your understanding of your own particular mindset. And they help you learn essential things about “Self-Directed Learning Experiments.” Together, in a progressive and  evolutionary way, these four workshops help create the learning infrastructure you need for support you when you join for our Level III workshops.