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Level III: learning experiments

Given the complex and emergent nature of these Level III learning partnerships, both their nature and their cost needs to be negotiated between us.  Each new partnership should be unique to the needs and interests of the people involved. However, previous partnerships have found their way into one of three distinct contract patterns. At your request, we’d be happy to explore with you what these variations have been. No matter what, we want to explore with you how the learning partnership we would design together could mirror one of these patterns, and yet vary in ways that would meet your specific needs and interests.

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The two of us are committed to building learning partnerships that actualize the two simple truths and the three-phased maxim that first appear on our Home page inside our Two Simple Truths tile: --

Life goes better when we have people in our lives with whom we can talk
Successful journeys, especially those that are long and complex, require good company
Teach when asked... Coach when necessary... Always be a good companion on the journey

With this in mind, our raison d'être with every learning partnership we form is to make sure we’re providing the support and the questioning that our partners need. No matter what, we make sure we are the kind of good companions on the journey that our partners need us to be. 

We believe that this kind of learning partnership is every coach’s and every consultant’s primary change lever. Accordingly, all the work we do at Level III is intended to demonstrate this proposition. Everything is designed to explore the fundamental significance of mutually supportive and appropriately challenging learning partnerships for any and all kinds of coaching and consulting assignments.

In this context, the work we introduce at this level is especially designed to help you validate for yourself the pivotal role that experiential and transformational learning must play in any effective coaching or consulting effort. Knowing how to use experiential and transformational learning methodologies to help a thought partner vertically expand and develop their orders of consciousness is a key capability for any coaching or consulting relationship.

TLO’s Level III Coaching and Consulting learning partnerships incorporate a tightly integrated mix of three key streams of work:

  • In-depth conversations about each learning partner’s learning style, their experiential disconnects and transformational mismatches, and what a deep understanding of these three “things” reveal about the new learning that might be needed.
  • In-depth design conversations that create a variety of safe-to-fail learning experiments. This is the place where we have the the time we need to collaboratively rehearse the experiments that seem most appropriate to experiment with in the real world. And,
  • The actual implementation of multiple safe-to-fail real-world experiments.

This mixture of in-depth conversations, careful design, and real life safe-to-fail experiments creates, in the first instance, valuable new experiences you can evaluate. And then it uses them as a springboard for the design and testing of additional Safe-To-Fail Experiments. Over an extended period of time, the iterative completion of a variety of self-directed learning experiments produces for you the personal experiences necessary to develop, test, and validate key new, more flexible ways of thinking about managing and leading. Basically, Level III Learning Partnerships, when done well, walk you into rewiring your own brain's architecture, creating for yourself new self-sustaining modes of thinking and behaving. With all your Level I and Level II work as foundation, Level III is the place and time where you start designing, directing, and implementing your own powerful long-term learning journeys.