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Level III: Learning Experiments

Given the complex nature of work at this level, cost is something that's best discussed and negotiated.  With previous Level III partners, work at this level has often emerged as one of three patterns:

   * A six month sequence of work initiated by a one day workshop, subsequently supported by short conversations once or twice a week;

   * A six month sequence of work initiated by a one day workshop, subsequently support by three half day workshops spaced about two months apart;

   * A six month sequence of work initiated by a one day workshop, closed by a final one day workshop, and supported by frequent phone conversations. 

The Learning Partnership we pursue together will be one that's designed by all of us with your individual learning interests in mind. 

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At TLO, the two of us are committed to building learning partnerships that embed the two simple truths and the three-phased maxim that first appear on our Home page inside our Two Simple Truths tile:

Life goes better when we have people in our lives with whom we can talk  

Successful journeys, especially those that are long and complex, require good company

Teach when asked... Coach when necessary... Always be a good companion on the journey  

Hopefully, these three assertions make it clear that we're committed to forming a unique learning partnership, one that's specifically designed with you in mind. Beyond this, we hope these three maxims make it clear that the kinds of learning we believe is necessary for authentic, sustainable adult development is not the kind of learning that happens between a “teacher” and a “student” meeting in a university classroom twice a week. Rather, the learning we believe in – whether experiential or transformational – is an adventure that’s collaboratively designed and developed, and then implemented by the learners themselves outside, in the real world, one small experimental step at a time. 

This is why TLO’s Level III Workshops are a tightly integrated mix of three key streams of work:

  • In-depth conversations about various aspects of self authorship and self-directed learning,
  • The design and serious rehearsal of multiple small, safe-to-fail learning experiments, and
  • The careful testing, evaluation and retesting of new habits of mind and their associated ways of behaving through multiple real-world field experiments.

These three streams of work unfold over time as a powerful admixture of in-depth dialogue, careful design and rehearsal, and specific safe-to-fail experiments that, when done well, create valuable new life experiences that you and we can evaluate. Together this admixture creates an iterative series of compact self-directed learning experiments that let you test out new, more effective modes of thinking, habits of mind, and more impactful ways of behaving with those specific people and in those real situations where you’ve discovered you're clearly less successful than you either would like or need to be.