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                                      IS YOUR LIFE ASKING YOU TO RISK AN UNCOMFORTABLE CHANGE?

This question can baffle the best of us. Every now and again, each of us comes "up against it." We need help figuring out how to handle a conflict that won't stay settled, help discovering a way to retain our dignity while confronting a boss who's super difficult, or support while trying to find a way to lead when there are no clear answers. These challenges become especially problematic when our customary ways of thinking and ordinary ways of problem solving aren't responding. Most of us know what these situations feel like. Which is why, at TLO, we believe it's our job to ask you just one key question: 


How are you holding onto beliefs, attachments, and patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you as well as they once did?


No matter the circumstances, reframing the ways we've always dealt with chronic work or life issues always takes time. Time to explore, to think; to practice, practice, and practice some more. Reframing old beliefs, attachments, and patterns of behavior requires new ideas, new tools, and special know-how. It nearly always follows a path marked by risk, loss, and vulnerability. And it always takes months, even years -- never just hours, days, or weeks. These learning journeys are most effective when they're tailor-made. And when they include someone who asks provocative questions, listens empathetically, holds up a mirror to reveal blind spots, and always remembers to help you find your courage. Personalized roadmaps and trusted companions who know the journey that's ahead of you are always useful.

The First Step -- Introductory Conversations

At TLO, we like to begin our learning journeys by inviting you, our prospective partner, into at least one free Introductory Conversation. This preliminary conversation is one that's designed to introduce us to one another. And to assess whether together we might become trustworthy companions for the journey ahead. In this first conversation, we like to test our ability to trust by sharing stories from our personal histories, including something about the worries and the hopes that activate and enliven these stories. We like to talk about the intentions and desired outcomes motivating our journey. And, once we've said hello in this way, we also like to find time in the Introductory Conversation to talk a bit about the tailor-made nature of TLO's learning journeys, especially what you're hoping yours will bring to you.

The Second Step -- Unique Educational Workshops

The launch pad for our learning journeys usually is a collaboratively designed Educational Workshop. The touchstone for this workshop is TLO's Growth Edge Interview, which is an extended dialogue where together we survey the triumphs and tragedies in your life, as well as the signs, triggers, and patterns that activate the ways you make sense of these complex phenomena. We ask three basic questions in each interview: What are the stories you're currently telling yourself, your family, and friends about what's going on in your life right now?  What are the stories you typically tell yourself about what is or isn't possible for you? And finally, How do you go about making sense of the experiences that these stories bring up for you? Your answers to these questions help us develop together the three TLO products we will need for the journey ahead:

  • An inventory of the experiential and transformational learning ideas, techniques, and tools that we'll need on this journey; what we call our Packing List.
  • A map of your life's triumphs and tragedies, alongside an outline of the signs, triggers, and patterns that tend to activate your meaning-making efforts; what we call our Growth Edge Map.
  • A summary sheet that outlines where, how, and how far you think you want to go on your learning journey; what we call our Bridging Document

TLO's Educational Workshop is the time and place where together we develop a sense of the learning-to-learn work we want to do together, and a feel for the issues and problems that our experiential and transformational learning skills will help us pay attention to.

The Third Step -- Self-Directed Learning Experiments

After your Educational Workshop, our learning journey -- regardless of whether you're an individual, a coach, a consultant, or a senior leader -- turns toward work that's focused on designing, rehearsing, and implementing a variety of Self-Directed Learning Experiments in the real-world. By design, each of these sessions is a small, safe, surprisingly powerful opportunity for you to reframe your brain's outmoded hardwiring and your mind's old ways of thinking, feeling and acting.It takes place of an extended period of time.


For each learning journey, three questions are key:

Which of the coping mechanisms and tools that you've been using for most of your life now seem too limited or no longer effective?

When, where, and how do you feel stymied or limited by the complexity, volatility, and ambiguity of your work or your life?

When, where, and how are you excited by the dramatic new opportunities that might be within reach?

At TLO, we listen for the deep structure and prevailing patterns that are driving your customary meaning-making processes. We understand the tumultuous challenges and and dramatic opportunities that the 21st Century can create for someone with your patterns and meaning-making processes. So, we've developed effective ways of bridging these two issues. If this is the kind of learning you need, we should arrange an Introductory Conversation.