Worldview assessment instruments

Whatever you see, hear, or smell, whatever you think or feel, whatever you presume or believe, essentially, whatever you do day to day is shaped by your personal Worldview, Mindsets, and/or Orders of Consciousness (OOC). Each of these is simply a different way of describing how you, through the architecture of your brain, mind, and body, instinctively create your own unique sense of reality. They another way to highlight the idea that you and I compose the worlds we're seeing, imagine the responses to reality we're devising, and construct the actions that we're deploying.

Bottom line, the proposition to hold firm is this: The belief systems and modes of thinking and feeling you learned at your mother's breast, in her lap, and by her side are the worldviews, mindsets, and Orders of Consciousness that determine what you're doing today.


Experts define a Worldview, Mindsest, or Order of Consciousness as:

The tightly integrated presuppositions, assumptions, and causal hypotheses
human beings unconsciously accept as reality.

TLO defines these three terms this way:

A worldview, mindset, or Order of Consciousness is a person's precast view of how the world works that they hold in their brain, mind, and body as foregone conclusions and unquestionable truths.

You're probably not aware of your own worldview. You may be especially blind to the causal hypotheses guiding your worldview, especially the presuppositions that you're using to direct your actions. Below are two links to worldview, mindset, and Order of Consciousness resources that can help you become more aware of what you do and don't know about how you're currently constructing your personal sense of the world. 

The Self-Assessment surveys and instruments found below will help you learn more about this, especially the implicit biases and stereotypes hidden inside your customary ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. The Expert Assessment research found below will help you connect what you learn about yourself from these self-assessments to the new insights that today's best adult-development researchers are discovering. The TLO Thought Partners who've explored these resources, and used the two-phased process they create out of their joint use, have discovered new insights and never-before-considered questions. Each of these sections, by themselves, offers a rewarding starting point for good conversations about the impact of your brain and mind. Together, they create a remarkably intriguing and energizing developmental step forward.