An exercise to overcome your ‘immunity to change’
Annick de Witt

People often want change, yet resist it. Psychologically this makes sense. Through a simple exercise we can overcome our ‘immunity to change.’

Have you noticed this curious phenomenon of people desperately desiring change, yet fighting it as if their life depends on keeping the status quo? You may have seen it in a loved one (it’s always easier to see this stuff in others). They want to grow, and yet when somebody points out a way they can grow, they resist, they deny, they defend; they may even get upset. You may also recognize it in yourself. You so want to change something, you commit yourself to it over and over again, and yet you keep on failing.

Somehow, we seem deeply wired to resist the change we are craving for. To protect ourselves from the development we deeply desire... 


GI Interview.jpg

Dancing on the Threshold of Meaning
Jennifer Garvey Berger, Ed. D.

This thinking paper uses theory and data to begin mapping the terrain of transformation, particularly the threshold of transformation, the growing edge of peoples’ thinking and sense making. The author reanalyzed a set of interview data from several studies, paying attention to those places when participants reached the edges of their meaning making. She offers three examples of those places, as well as an analysis of the different ways participants experienced their growing edge. She suggests that the work of a transformative coach is first to help students find the edge of their understanding, second to be good company at that edge, and finally to help students construct a new, transformed place. Ultimately, she argues, this process will help a learner find the courage they need to transform.