At this point in history, we're all witness to a what's amounting to a fresh acceleration of dramatic technological changes in a variety of companies, sectors and industries. So much so that this period in time is being called the era of “Big Data.” It’s being hailed as the next Technological Revolution.

The Spanish bank BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) is very much a global leader in this new era of digital transformations. In 2014 BBVA received a Euromoney global award for that year’s Best Bank Transformation. Immediately after receiving this award, BBVA named its digital banking head, Carlos Torres Vila, as its new president & COO and explicitly charged him with leading a new technologically driven organization transformation effort that was identified as the bank's "preeminent” strategic priority.

In this context, Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age is a book that BBVA’s published that’s dedicated exclusively to describing and analyzing the kinds of organizational transformations that are both led by and driven by digitial technologies.

The aim of BBVA's new book is to understand how the digital revolution is shaping the future of our economy, our society, and our daily lives. It does this by taking a close look at the IT-driven revolution, especially the transformations in the world of business and labor it's catalyzing. To help bring about this change, the book looks closely at five major concepts:

  • The salient impact of the technology revolution on our organization's structures, systems, and processes.
  • New customer demands and the technologies both available and emerging to interact with them.
  • People and cultures, and the technologies available and emerging to interact with and influence them.
  • The impact and importance of virtual workplaces.
  • The impact that new technologies are having on leadership and management and the strategies they’re able to implement because of these new technologies.

The rules of the game for doing business that were written in the 20th Century are changing. Changing so fast in fact that it is harder to keep track of the last century's rules, let alone comprehend the speed with which our competitive environments are being reformulating. This has had an enormous repercussions in the world of work, particularly on the so-called traditional sectors. It it's all you can do, at least skim through this book. Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age is worth as much time as you can afford to give it.