Like you, we’re on our own transformational journey. Too often, the modes of thinking and feeling we learned in our respective families of origin are still influencing, in wacky and unproductive ways, the behavioral routines each of us uses when we’re with the significant others in our lives. Beyond this, both of us are increasingly amazed at the ways in which this new century is bringing into our lives experiences that are incomprehensible to our old family-of-origin ways of thinking. Bottom line: Like you, each of us is still learning.

Below are some of the resources we’re using to help us respond to and resolve our own unexpected challenges. The adult development theory that grounds our own learning experiments is here. The TLO Theory section includes links to the primary sources we're using to guide our experimentation. It also includes links to the adult development sites we recommend to those interested in initiating the expansion, development, and evolution of their own mindsets.

The TLO Poetry section contains poems we’ve been inspired by, learned from, and offered to our learning partners. In particular, the poems included here have offered us useful doorways to new insights and deeper understandings about our essential values and beliefs.

Last, but not least, the TLO References section contains profiles of and comments from a few of the learning partners we’ve been working with over the last several years on some very complex personal, professional, and organizational transformations. Take a look and, if there's more that you think we could offer you here, reach out.