Seven Rules of Your Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious is the part of your mind that you cannot access even when you try. A more precise definition would be something like “the mental processes implanted in the earliest years of your life that are inaccessible to your consciousness, but that automatically and reflexively influence your judgments, feelings, and behavior.” Good examples of these kinds of hidden processes would range from the way in which your mind transforms light rays that strike your retina into three-dimensional vision to, at a higher order, the way you select, interpret, and evaluate incoming information and set goals in motion. With this definition in mind, here’s a description of seven of your unconscious mind’s most important operating rules. 

Key Operating Rules

1. work to Turn every unconscious Expectation Into Reality

Your unconscious mind works tirelessly to turn your strongest expectations into reality. Expectations that carry a strong emotional charge and are consistently repeated are the ones that your unconscious mind recognizes and accepts most easily.

2. ignore all negative Inputs

Your unconscious mind only works with positive inputs. It cannot and does not recognize negative ideas and concepts. It simply does not process negatives. If, in your self-talk, you say I will not, your unconscious mind only hears, I will. Your unconscious turns all wishes, intentions, and resolutions that are negatively framed into opposite, more positive actions.

3. Work Only In The Now

Your unconscious mind only works in the now. It cannot process ideas and concepts situated in the past or in the future; It’s not able to recognize time-based ideas and beliefs. It works only in the present. The ever present ‘now’ of your life is your unconscious mind’s reality.

4. Treat What’s Imagined & What’s real The Same 

Your unconscious mind does not distinguish between something you imagine and something you actually experience. Both the imagined and the experienced are processed through the same circuitry; both inputs trigger the same feelings and actions.

5. Reinforce Existing Beliefs, Ideas, & Memories 

Your unconscious mind works to maintain and reinforce every belief, idea, or memory that it has accepted until, through repeated experience, this belief, idea, or memory is replaced or reframed. Once a belief, idea, or memory is embedded in your unconscious mind, it automatically works to maintain and express every belief, idea, or memory it’s encoded. 

6. Automatically Activate unconsciously Embedded Routines

Your unconscious mind automatically programs itself to activate emotional and behavioral routines that, through repetition, you’ve biologically embedded in your brain’s hardwiring.

 7. Accept All Properly Coded Inputs

Your unconscious mind accepts every suggestion it receives, as long as each suggestion is coded according to its own operating rules. 

conscious Awareness is The Point

Your ability to size up the environments you find yourself in throughout the day is a critical ability. Your ability to identify a situation, interpret it, and initiate appropriate behavior quickly and unconsciously is key to your effectiveness and happiness. Without this ability, without the automaticity that your unconscious mind provides, you would have a very difficult time navigating through the world. At any given moment your five senses take in more than 11,000,000 pieces of information. At best, your conscious mind can only process about 40 of these pieces. Forty (40)!

If your unconscious mind wasn’t silently capturing, processing, interpreting, and automatically acting on the other 10,000,00 + pieces of information, you would be perpetually paralyzed. The ability to reflexively respond in an effective way that your unconscious mind gives you is absolutely essential. But only if the way it’s programmed is accurate. Which is why, in today’s Mach 2 world, it’s becoming more and more important to be aware of whether when your intentions, aspirations, and desires to Be All You Can Be are framed and expressed, both consciously and unconsciously, according to your unconscious mind’s operating rules.un