Two essential truths about the services we offer

As a thought partner, coach, and consultant, I pay close attention to two truths. One suggests our lives are more rewarding when we have someone with whom we can share our uncertain passions, private disappointments, and sacred triumphs. The other suggests we deserve at least one someone with whom we can have soul-searching 2:00 a.m. conversations. Here are the two truths I honor in my work and my life.

Life is better when we have people in our lives with whom we can really talk.
Successful journeys, especially those that are long and complex, require good company.

For me, these two truths tell us that a thought partner, a coach, or a consultant can’t be just anybody, a here today, gone tomorrow friend. Rather, he or she must be someone reliable. Someone who knows how important it is for them to really be with you through the full breadth, depth, and length of your most important learning journeys. If you're looking for bold connections and brilliant explorations with a coach who sees these truths as essential, I'd be honored to partner with you.