At TLO, we know that formal education is important. It's one of the learning tools all of us should make use of as we confront the challenges and respond to the opportunities coming our way. But, at TLO, we also know that education alone is not enough. 

Forty years ago, Herbert Simon discovered what today is one of the most important learning insights ever. Simon's research proved that a chess player, if they're ever going to reach the grandmaster level, has to spend 10,000 to 50,000 hours studying chess positions day after day. This rule, he said, applies to anyone who wants to be good at anything. In 1984, David Kolb showed why Simon's research was on target when he published his four step experiential learning theory. With this four stage learning cycle model, Kolb showed us what, in practical ways, we must do to implement the experience-based learning processes that Simon only hinted at in Skill in Chess. Today, we know that real learning must combine traditional educational efforts together with focused attention, experiential learning, and transformational development efforts. At TLO, we're working hard to offer you learning programs that integrate all these elements.