Keys to 21st Century learning skills

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Learning is something we all do. It's an instinctive skill, a natural talent we have that's hardwired into our brains and bodies. From the dawn of human history, learning is a talent that's helped us react and adapt to life's toughest threats and its most challenging opportunities.

 Across the last several hundred years, we've slowly lost faith in our instinctive learning talents. In their place, we're substituting the idea that learning requires the kind of formal education you can only get in classrooms filled with students being taught by formally certified teachers. Today learning and formal education have become the same thing. 


At Transformational Learning Opportunities, we know that, by itself, a formal education is never enough. High school diplomas, college degrees, and third-party training certificates are necessary benchmarks. But, no matter how advanced, they can never guarantee that you'll successfully develop the new knowledge, modes of thinking, and behavioral skills you need to thrive in today's world. 

Today, in addition to formal degrees, each of us needs to know how to design and implement our own real world learning programs. We need to know how to use our experience and our self-awareness to organize and launch the personal and professional learning journeys that are aimed at improving the essential skills we already have, developing the new skills we need to succeed at work and in our lives, and reframing the outdated modes of thinking we’re holding onto so that we can respond effectively to today's challenges and opportunities. 

These days, the learning equation we all need to be capable of implementing is this one:

"Formal Education + Self-Directed Learning Experiments = Successful Personal and Professional Development"

This equation highlights the idea that to succeed in work and life we each need a high-quality education and a carefully designed set of personal learning experiences. Typically, this learning equation is implemented through a three step sequence that looks like this:

TLO-FE----BE-Model copy.jpg

Those of us who have personal issues to address and those of us who have professional goals to realize need to know how to organize both the Front-End and the Back-End components of our own life-long learning journeys. Clicking either one of the navigation buttons below will help you learn more about the ways in which TLO's approach to 21st Century learning can help you successfully organize and implement your own unique learning journeys.