Keys to 21st Century learning skills

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At Transformational Learning Opportunities, we’re clear that high school diplomas, college degrees, and advanced training certificates are all necessary accomplishments. However, by themselves, this kind of formal classroom education will never be enough. No matter how advanced or well taught our formal education might be, on its own it can never guarantee us we will successfully develop the new knowledge, modes of thinking, and behavioral skills we need in today's new world. The personal and professional competencies we need for today’s challenges will never simply arise directly out of classroom instruction. At this point in history, the high quality expertise we need to acquire is something that fully develops only through long periods of testing and experimentation in the real world.


In today’s new world, each of us needs to know how to acquire new knowledge and how to transform it into relevant and reliable skills. Specifically, we need to know how to implement learning journeys that help us accomplish three tasks; (1) Improve the skills we already have; (2) Develop the new skills we need at work and in our lives, and (3) Reframe the modes of thinking we learned growing up, especially those that in today’s world are outdated. Each of us needs to understand why all the learning we need to do must include two essential components; a formal “Front-End” educational step that’s focused on acquiring the new knowledge we need, and then a “Back-End” experiential learning step that’s focused on transforming this new knowledge into new skills.