Keys to 21st Century learning skills

learning to live in an unscripted world  

The deeper we move into the 21st Century, the clearer it is that this century is going to be unprecedented. Already it's awash in scary trends, startling opportunities, and radical challenges, phenomena like globalization, automation, cyber warfare, and polarizing ideologies. These days these challenges surround us, bringing into our lives the possibility that most everything we learned growing up may be wrong. As well as the possibility that this century's most radical ideas may actually be better ways to understand ourselves and how the world works than anything we learned in school. Truth is, every day the world is showing us why you and I should seriously question the fundamental belief systems we inherited from our families-of-origin. Powerful reasons why together we should rebuild the very architecture of our homespun worldviews and mindsets.

the world’s new Truth

In today’s world, the high school diplomas, college degrees, and advanced training certificates you earned growing up are crucial milestones. Your life’s foundation. However, paradoxically, what’s also true is that in today’s world your educational accomplishments, by themselves, can never insure you of success. No matter how advanced your formal educational accomplishments might be, on their own they can never guarantee that you will develop the new knowledge or modes of thinking and acting that you need in today’s new world. The personal and professional competencies that you need going forward never simply arise directly out of any classroom instruction. Rather, the expertise you need is something that you can fully develop only through long periods of self-directed experimentation in the real world. Unfortunately, self-direct learning requires the kinds of kills that most of us have yet to develop.

standing On the threshold

Learning how to live in this newly unscripted world of ours is today’s toughest, most important challenge. It’s likely the adventure of our times. Especially if we’re smart and courageous enough to consciously step into the risks and adventures involved. To succeed in today’s new world, we have to learn how to absorb and develop the new knowledge that the 21st Century’s bring right to our doorsteps. Beyond this, we need to learn how to transform this new knowledge into the kinds of unique skillsets that the 21st Century is asking of us.

In short, after you’ve finished with your formal education, what’s still left for you to do is figuring out how to implement the kinds of learning journeys that will help you improve the key skills you already have, develop the new skills your work and your life require, and reframe the old modes of thinking that you learned growing up. In particular, what’s still left is learning how to transform the mindsets and belief systems you’re living by that, in today’s world, are outdated. Bottom line, you need to understand why, in the 21st Century, your learning must include both a formal “front-end” educational step that’s focused on acquiring this century’s new knowledge, and as well a self-generated “back-end” developmental process that’s focused on implementing the learning that will transform your new knowledge into new skills. To learn more about this new learning equation, and how I can support your efforts to use it, click the TLO Services Overview button below.