21st century theory about experiential learning, transformative learning, and learning partnerships

TLO offers our learning partners two types of adult-development experiences: "Horizontal" and "Vertical" Development.

Our Horizontal Development work is designed to address our thought partners immediate skill building needs, especially those that relate to the Bang-ups & Hang-ups that Dr. Seuss writes about and our Thought Partners worry about. Our Horizontal Development work emphasizes support for those who are looking to create more effective ways of solving persistently difficult personal or professional problems.

Our Vertical Development work is designed to address our thought partners deeper mindset development issues, especially those Streets Not Marked & Windows Not Lighted challenges that Dr. Seuss writes about, and our thought partners wonder about. Our Vertical Development work is for those who suspect they need to foster more complex and sophisticated sensibilities about the world and their role in it, if they're ever going to reach their goals or achieve the recognition they deserve.

To implement either of these learning opportunities -- one focused on "practical" skill-building and the other on "philosophical" mindset development -- TLO creates unique Learning Partnerships. In these partnerships, our Thought Partners combine carefully orchestrated introductory conversations, uniquely designed educational workshops, and real-world behavioral experiments into integrated learning programs. When approached wholeheartedly, these Learning Partnerships help each partner define troublesome challenges, improve skill sets, and develop a more expansive mindset. 

Every Learning Partnership, whether it's a TLO partnership or not, will be infinitely more effective if its members know something about the conceptual frameworks that underpin and enliven their work. The work done in every TLO partnership, regardless of whether it's taking place in an Introductory Conversation, an Educational Workshop, or a Self-Directed Learning Experiment, is predicated on the concepts and ideas found in the thought papers found below. Reading at least a few of them will provide you with a much better sense of what 21st Century adult development efforts need to be like. To start, read one or two of these papers; then schedule a Free Conversation with us to explore how a unique TLO Learning Partnership can help you grow.