Like you, we’re on a transformational journey. All too often, the slightly wacky (or the totally crazy) habits of thinking we learned in our‘families-of-origin’ are, in unproductive ways, influencing how we’re relating with others in our lives, and/or what we’re trying to accomplish. Every single day we’re amazed at the ways in which this new century of ours is bringing to us experiences or events that simply seem incomprehensible. Bottom line, we’re learning just like you.

What’s below are a few of the resources we’re using to help us resolve the problems and cope with the challenges that we’re facing. The theory that grounds our work is here. As are links to other colleagues and thought partners who are hard at work thinking and feeling their ways through these same kinds of problems and challenges. Just below you’ll also find a few of the poems we’ve been inspired by, learned from, and offered to our own learning partners. There’s good stuff here. Last, but not least, there are profiles of and comments from a few of the learning partners we’ve been alongside over the last several years working on some very intriguing transformational journeys.