Be All You Can Be!!!!

Be All.jpeg

Google the slogan Be All You Can Be! and in less than 0.95 seconds you'll be shown 12,570,000,000 pages on this issue. Each of these twelve billion plus pages, in one way or another, is focused on encouraging you to be "your best self!", "the person you're meant to be," and/or "the best you that you can be!" 

This phrase evidently encapsulates something our culture thinks you should take seriously. Twelve billion plus website pages, at the very least, suggests this aphorism is pointing toward an important piece of cultural wisdom.

Problem is, none of these twelve billion pages actually names the skills we need to make this slogan a living reality. None describe the steps you need to take if you want to launch your own Be All You Can Be! effort. 

At TLO we've spent the last several years searching for the skills that catalyze this effort. And for the specific skills that, when mastered, can help you launch a learning journey that actually helps you become the you you're meant to be.

We've discovered four skills that are at the heart of this kind of 'best-self' effort:

  1. Tracking your cognitive biases.

  2. Mastering your everyday anxiety triggers.

  3. Hypothesizing your stereotypes.

  4. Opening up your family-of-origin stories.

Building these skillsets is hard to do on your own. They deserve the support of an experienced thought partner, especially one who's well versed in the details associated with their development. I'd be honored to support your exploration of these pivotal skills...