Everyone Needs A Coach


I believe everyone needs a coach.

Here are three reasons why:

  • Unless you're an experienced neuroscientist, you probably don't know that you're an unwitting prisoner of your own natural mind, especially the neurobiological networks that control your fight-flight-freeze reactions, your cognitive biases, and your attributional tendencies. 

  • Unless you're someone who's studied some neurobiology, some developmental psychology, and are acutely aware of the world, you probably don't realize the ways in which the world around you is constantly and persistently evolving away from what your natural mind is telling you is real

  • Unless you're both a neuroscientist and a cognitive therapist, you probably don't know that your brain's neural networks are malleable. Nor do you know that any changes you might need or want to make at work or in your life are totally dependent on your own personal ability to rewire your brain's neurobiological networks.

It's because of these probabilities that I'm suggesting everyone needs a coach. 

To grow and develop in today's world, each of us needs a coach who can challenge us when we're backing away from a crucial decision. We need a coach who can summon our courage in the face of discouraging realities. Or a coach who can pull us up short when he or she sees us turning a blind eye towards a pivotal crossroads. 

No matter what you call them, whether for you they're a trusted friend, an unavoidable critic, or a developmental coach, in today's world you need someone who can help you explore your passions and disappointments, engage you in a soul-searching conversation, and/or encourage you to step up into a bold connection or a brilliant exploration.