Learning to Live in an Unscripted World


Are you seeing it yet?

Are you seeing the ways this century’s newest scientific advances and technologies are pushing incomprehensible crises into our lives?

Are you noticing the ways that newish threats like climate change, gender and ethnic strife, and intractable ideological conflicts are disrupting all our old realities?

Most particularly, are you seeing the ways in which new technologies like robotics, gene-editing, and artificial intelligence are cracking our old 20th Century worldview wide open?

If you are, what sense are you making of it all? Do you see the paradigm shift we’re in the middle of as new precepts are slowly demolishing our ol 20th Century worldview?

If you’re not, schedule an exploratory conversation to discuss why.

Learning to Live in an unscripted world


In combination, the real world crises we've created for ourselves and the unwitting blindness that our old 20th Century worldview is tying us to, means we need to break free of our self-induced coma and develop new more sophisticated modes of understanding and new complex forms of thinking.

For sometime now the pundits have been begging us to realize that our "Primitive Brains," our "Cave Man Logic," and our "Natural Minds" are not up to dealing with the catastrophic crises we're facing.

With this in mind, I'm inviting you to partner with me in a new Developmental Coaching Program that I've created to help us do exactly this. This new program is a really good way of breaking free of our outmoded habits of mind. It's a six month experiential learning program that's focused exclusively on three primary developmental tasks:

* Understanding the ways in which our 20th Century mindsets are binding us to old, outmoded modes of thinking.

* Understanding the new 21st Century mindset that our complex, interconnected, accelerating world is demanding.

* Developing the kinds of new precepts, propositions, and belief systems that will let us respond to the crises today's world is pushing at us.

Each developmental coaching partnership is one that's designed to a create a realistic understanding of the the ways in which your old outmoded worldview is constraining and misleading you. It's also designed to help you develop the new complex modes of thinking and feeling that you must develop if you’re going to respond effectively to the crises, challenges, and opportunities the 21st Century is now bringing to you life.