Presidential Election Dialogue: Note #5


I've been both dismayed and mesmerized by what's been happening in this country for months now. Resurgent white supremacy, immigration prisons, Russian cyber attacks, climate change, blatant racism, government deregulation, political polarization and, to top it all off, a presidential election campaign that's seething with unveiled animus and bad will. Hard to stomach but, given the principles and values at stake, impossible to ignore.

Is democracy dying?

Is America becoming a fascist country?

Why are American politics so polarized?

Follow the links embedded in each of these three questions and you will find answers to these questions that I've discovered, answers that might not be a final, definitive answer to each question, but they will be perspectives that will cause you to think.

Beyond these three specific resources, I'm convinced the two websites posted below are worth looking into, especially for those of you who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about a wide variety of important election issues. The Rand Corporation's website is a great resource on any number of policy issues. But, it's examination of what it calls "Truth Decay" is really stellar; a crucial exploration for those who are concerned with what President Trump's labels "fake news." The dual issues of civic responsibility and public ignorance have been worrisome election issues since the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The Penn National Commission's website offers some very insightful work on these two issues that is well worth examining.

The Rand Corporation

The Penn National Commission

One other 2020 Presidential election resource is worth mentioning. It's the 2020 Presidential Election Resource Center I launched in March of this year. You can find it through the navigation bar below.

The 2020 Presidential Election Resource Center