TLO's Front-End/Back-End Learning


You don't have to go back to school if you want to learn something new. These days, it’s pretty obvious that the 20th Century’s old traditional classroom/teacher-student approach to learning is neither the easiest nor the most effective way to learn something new. Especially when this 21st Century of ours is so seriously challenging everything we think we know about life. 

We now know that, in addition to the formal education you’ve cobbled together during your time in high school and college, you also need to know how to take what you’ve learned in these classrooms with you out into the real world. If you’re going to thrive today, you will need both your formal educational accomplishments and a wide-range of real-world learning experiences. Whether you get educated in high school, in college, or in a corporate training session, the knowledge you’ve acquired the classroom can only be the “front-end” portion of your learning efforts. Once you’ve got the knowledge you need, the work that counts the most is always going to be the the work you do in the real world. This is the “back-end” portion of your learning efforts, the one that counts the most. 


For TLO, this new two step approach to real-world learning can be summed up with this equation: 

"Formal Education + Real-World Learning Experiments = Successful Personal and Professional Development"

What’s key about this equation is the idea that knowing something isn’t the same thing as being able to do it. That being smart isn't equivalent to being effective. 

The equation you see just above is telling you that these days you need to see learning as a process, one that starts with a clearly defined educational effort, but then become one you, for yourself, morph into a variety of personalized learning experiences. Experiences where, in self-directed ways, you take charge of translating the knowledge you acquired in the classroom into real-world skills that help you live the lives you’re aspiring to.    

At TLO, we help you learn how to use this new approach to discover all the beliefs about knowledge, knowing, and learning that you were taught growing up. We help you shift these old beliefs into ideals, precepts, and values more suitable to today's world. We help you learn the skills you new to continuously adapt and respond to the toughest challenges and most intriguing opportunities in front of you.

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