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This new 21st century of ours is only a decade and a half old, but it’s already offering each of us dramatic new opportunities. Unfortunately, it’s also offering us polarizing political dynamics, complex social and technological problems, and, most importantly, an emerging presidential election that clearly is going to confront us in unprecedented ways with issues and choices that, for most normal people, are and will be incomprehensible . 

Are you someone who is vaguely aware of all these disturbing phenomena, but too busy in your work and with the rest of your life to bring these polarizing politics, and complex social and technological problems into coherent focus?  If this, in any way, is you, and you’re interested in paying more serious attention to these issues, but especially the 2020 presidential election that’s just over the horizon, join me. Sign in below and participate with me in TLO’s 2020 Presidential Election Dialogue Series. Get prepared to cast a well-inform, evidence-based vote on November 3rd, 2020.