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This century is only a decade and a half old. 

Regardless, it's already challenging us with the kinds of complex technological discoveries, polarizing political dynamics, and intractable ethnic conflicts that confront us in unprecedented ways with challenges, threats, and opportunities that, for most normal people, are incomprehensible . 

Are you someone who is vaguely aware of these distracting and disturbing phenomena but just too busy balancing your work, your relationships, and the rest of your life to bring these new discoveries, polarizing politics, and distant conflicts into coherent focus?  Are you a coach or consultant who's aware, but sitting back marveling at all this complexity, waiting for it to crystalize into something that's more obviously and immediately relevant to your work? Or, are you a senior leader who's acutely aware of these disruptive inventions, political dynamics, and anxiety-laden conflicts, mostly because they're already impacting your company's bottom line, but nonetheless bewildered about how to find a way to respond effectively?

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