Every day, the 21st Century is bringing into our lives surprising discoveries, new truths, and radical disruptions, any one of which would, if we only took them seriously, prompt us to immediately learn how to do three things: (1) Improve the key skills we already have, (2) Develop the new skills we never knew we’d need, and (3) Retool the outdated beliefs we never knew we had. For me, this century’s new discoveries, truths, and disruptions are all reasons why each of us needs to learn how to rebuild the basic architecture of our homespun, school- and community-bread worldview, mindsets, and skillsets.

Learning how to accomplish any one of these three developmental tasks takes time. Time to prepare, to explore, to think through, and to practice, practice and then practice some more. Learning how to accomplish these three developmental tasks also takes the support of a trusted coach and thought partner, someone who can guide you through all the preparation and all the tipping points that you’ll encounter during your new learning journeys. Regardless of whether you need to improve an existing skill, develop a new one, or successfully reframe an old belief, each of these learning journeys will follow a path that’s marked by risk, loss, and vulnerability. Which is why, at this point in time, all of us all of the time need a coach and thought partner whom we can trust to support and encourage our learning journeys.

At Transformational Learning Opportunities, we’re set up to help you learn how to design and launch each of these three learning journeys. Whether you’re a private individual, a coach, or a senior executive, we’re in business to help you learn how to develop new knowledge, improve existing skills, and master more sophisticated modes of thinking, feeling, and acting. As the foundation for our work, we build a learning partnership with you that’s tailored for you and your unique style of learning. Whether you need to strengthen specific skills, strengthen your overall learning abilities, or reframe your outdated beliefs and mindsets, click the navigation button below to learn more about the support and guidance we offer.